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First gay marriages in England and Wales

(Blogmensgo, gay blog April 1, 2014) Marriage between persons of the same sex is officially legal in England and Wales since Saturday, March 29, 2014. Shortly after midnight, the first gay and lesbians marriages were already celebrated.

Even the seat of government (at 70 Whitehall) hoisted the rainbow flag rainbow! Click to enlarge. © Cabinet Office / RAF Sergeant Dave Rose.
Even the seat of government (at 70 Whitehall) hoisted the rainbow flag rainbow! Click to enlarge. © Cabinet Office / RAF Sergeant Dave Rose.

Several celebrities have already married or have announced plans to do so soon.  writer Andrew Wale, 49, and her partner Neil Allard and convolé just after midnight, Andrew found the "more emotional" ceremony it had imagined. Similarly, the actress and presenter Sandi Toksvig, 55, she could finally marry his girlfriend Debbie -. Before two thousand people  As for Elton John and David Furnish, PACS since 2005 and father of two children, they have the well intention to marry in 2014, perhaps in May.

The same-sex couples could already enter into a PACS (civil partnership) since 21 December 2005. Before the March 29, rights included the adoption homoparental, medically assisted procreation (MAP) and the management to others (GPA) by a surrogate mother unpaid. The PACS couples can now either stay PACS, PACS or transform their marriage by a simple administrative act (usually at the end of 2014).

The Conservative Party agreed with the legalization of gay marriage, but at the end of intense internal debates.

The Anglican Church of England (Church of England) has also indicated that it would not scrap against the text. However, the main religion continues to deny both the celebration of gay marriage and religious marriage ministers with a person of the same sex.

The law on gay marriage authorizes any religious organization to refuse to marry same sex.The text explicitly forbids the Church of England to celebrate gay or lesbians marriages.

Ministers of religion encourage - openly or anonymously - the Church of England to open its heart and its doors to gay marriage for both lay and priests. petition to this effect has collected nearly a hundred signatures as I write this paragraph.

The inner struggle is led in particular by the Reverend Andrew Cain ( Twitter ), which intends to marry her partner next summer and bless himself gay marriages. With or without the approval of his superiors.

Strong acceptance, but homophobia residual

According to a survey conducted for BBC Radio 5 with a sample of 1,007 people, only 26% of respondents are opposed to gay marriage while 68% are in favor. The passage of the law on gay marriage by Parliament in July 2013 elicited no significant drift. The entry into force of the new law was punctuated by incidents or behavior or by parades or hostile to the text.

Félitwittations with David Cameron ... (Click to enlarge.)
Félitwittations with David Cameron ... (Click to enlarge.)

If 22% of respondents would refuse to attend a gay wedding they are invited, the proportion is 16% among women and 29% men.

Women are also much more widely supported (75%) homosexual men (61%) Wedding.Similarly, the acceptance rate is it much higher among 18-34 year olds (80%) than among those over 65 (44%).

Scotland soon

The entry into force of gay marriage is not about yet Scotland. The Scottish Parliament passed its own law on marriage between persons of the same sex (see our article on February 5 on gay marriage in Scotland.)  The first gay marriages in Scotland should be celebrated in the fall, probably in October 2014.

The United Kingdom as a whole does not live in the era soon gay marriage because Northern Ireland has no plans yet to enact a law in this regard. Northern Irish population is particularly divided on this issue.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

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