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In France, six in ten lesbians are victims of lesbophobia

(Blogmensgo, gay blog 17 March 2014) The French SOS Homophobia published March 8, 2014, the first elements of a survey on the visibility of lesbians and a statistical typology lesbophobia which they are victims. Some 59% of respondents have recently undergone lesbophobic stigma.

SOS Homophobia website | survey (partial results)

The weight of pain, shock statistics. © Sos-homophobie.org.
The weight of pain, shock statistics. © Sos-homophobie.org.

How is the lesbophobia? For 4222 respondents - 59% of the sample - which say they have been the victim during the previous two years, depending on the context in which it occurs.

It is in the public space (47% of respondents) that lesbophobia occurs most. It materializes especially insults (73%) or mockery (47%). Two digits (greater than 100% because multiple responses total) bring 63% of lesbians who do not show affection to their partner in public, "for fear of a backlash" (and 18% never before third whatsoever).

In the family (14% of respondents), lesbophobia occurs mainly by misunderstanding (72%) and discharge (66%), while at work (11%) are teasing (48%) who dominate. The school (8%) exacerbates lesbophobic mockery (72%) when it is not insults (59%).

The consequences of lesbophobia, experienced by 63% of respondents are mainly psychological (63%). They are expressed in particular by depressive episodes whatever environment where cases occur lesbophobia, especially in the home environment (where 37% of respondents have experienced depressive episodes) or school (34%) and slightly less at work (23%).

To live happy, live hidden? In any case, 75% of respondents have not joined an LGBT organization for two years, while 52% are part of the LGBT community on the Internet. The survey was administered in 2013, that community could therefore not yet be LadiesGo , which has opened its virtual doors in 2014.  , I wish to make a big kiss to Sylvie - who found his girlfriend of love a cultural site that we frequented assiduously.

Methodology. Partial results of a survey conducted by SOS Homophobia from 30 March to 20 July 2013. The publication of the full results will be November 25, 2014, on the occasion of the World Day against violence against women.  Questionnaires were administered either via the website of the association, either through stands, meetings or LGBT associations. Among the 7,126 respondents, 61% were under 30 years and 38% between 30 and 60 years. Marital status is dominated by single (70%), far ahead of the PACS partners (13%), concubines (11%) or married (1%). Note that 10% of respondents have one or more children.

Comment. I failed to mention this survey. Forgetting is repaired.

The low prevalence of lesbophobia school must be seen in context. Given that 36% of respondents are students, we can consider their answers - to acts suffered during the previous two years - refer only rarely high school. However, it is clear that homosexuality is more accepted to the university and high school or college.

It is therefore likely that the true prevalence of lesbophobia is superior to statistics provided by SOS Homophobia. This is even more likely that the sample over-represents higher intellectual professions (20%), precisely where homosexuality is more readily recognized and accepted in the most disadvantaged sections of the population.  Yes, I well written " prevalence lesbophobia. " For lesbophobia as homophobia or transphobia is a mental illness.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo (via release of 8 March 2014)


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