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Eddy Bellegueule, Juliann Green or Giovanni ?

(Blogmensgo, gay blog on March 2, 2014) What to read? While I was about to open Giovanni's Room by American writer James Baldwin, two first novels written by young French authors me the eye. Three books which homosexuality plays a major role.

"In literature, invert is forearmed. "(Andre Gide Quote apocryphal) © Editions Meliboea.
"In literature, invert is forearmed. "(Andre Gide Quote apocryphal) © Editions Meliboea.

Begin with the end. I have not read Giovanni's Room (my friend Giovanni and Giovanni's room , according to the translation) but I've already put in my ebook reading light. I have not read Ending Eddy Bellegueule, romance Edward Louis is the buzz in the media, but I am available digitally. And I have not read eitherJuliann Green or invert , Clement José Cerqueira.

In these three books, there is much talk of homosexuality. And two French novels and their authors have apparently striking similarities. In the latter two cases, several coincidences reinforce my urgency to write these books even before they have read.

Juliann Green or invert is the work of Clement Cerqueira, 19, a native of Brive, a law student at Limoges, and his novel is set partly in Bordeaux. Ending Bellegueule Eddie is the first novel but the second work (after a book on Pierre Bourdieu) Edward Louis, 21, a student of the Ecole Normale Superieure. In both cases, the protagonist (Eddy Bellegueule here Juliann Green here) faces an environment and a family environment homophobic violence where words and gestures sometimes serves as way of being.

I must mention here coincidences that convinced me to discuss these first two novels. It happens that I am reading the Notebooks of Bergounioux, diary over three thousand pages divided into three ebooks whose unit price exceeds € 30 [ 1 ], [ 2 ], [ 3 ] but is ample. Pierre Bergounioux is no homosexual. Violence tense and feelings he experienced during his childhood and adolescence, has points in common with the violence of homophobic behavior. Especially Bergounioux is abstract family fatality in the study. His educational career has taken him from his native Limoges to Brive, Bordeaux, Paris and the École Normale Supérieure. "Intelligence Bourdieu, rigor, power stun" notes Bergounioux December 7, 1995.Thirteen months later, on 8 January 1997 and Bourdieu Bergounioux meet. Bergounioux, real machine to read Bourdieu asked how he manages to read as much. "It is, he tells me, he is an insomniac. "

Giovanni's Room , head on my pile to read. © Vintage International.
Giovanni's Room , head on my pile to read. © Vintage International.

That's a lot of coincidences. Let's add one. The book of Edward Louis is rooted in Picardy and the protagonists mix readily Picard and French. Bourdieu, he spoke fluent Gascon Bergounioux tells us in his note of January 8, 1997. Anyway, the author 's Eddy Bellegueule gives the language of considerable importance to restore homophobia and stereotypes in all the splendor of their beaufitude. Well, it reminds methe best part of men Tristan Garcia, another first novel of a normalien I had spoken there over five years here, and again, without having read the book - that j ' then had a long laminated library before rest without winning.

Juliann Green or invert immediately multiplies the allusions and literary vocabulary. By its title, the book is placed under the protective shadow of Julien Green (also author of a monumental diary, which is not worth Tripette over his novels) and a carefully selected vocabulary. The back cover confirms this choice of a refined language to the preciousness of learned words that are sometimes too: spleen, fool, intrusive, incessantly, ataraxia, invert, obscurantism, proscribed, make up, repent . But remember the back cover , the author was "marked by the world of literature and writing as a teenager." It could easily understood.

The press release states that "  Juliann Green or invert is a fiction, blending the characteristics of gay literature and psychology, with an aftertaste of sociology. " I do not know what "the characteristics of gay literature," but the author seems sympathetic and subject, in addition to being very present despite the absence of voluntary dates in the novel, can not be ignored.Pray that writing this novel is less bombastic than its back cover.

I let myself be tempted? And which of these three novels first? Response, perhaps, in a future article.  Spoiler: Giovanni was my first choice, but since my best friend is eye Bellegueule conference with Eddy, I will modify my priorities may be (or not).

In summary:

  • Clement Cerqueira, Juliann Green or invert . Meliboea Editions, 2014 230 pages, € 16.50 (available in print at Amazon ), ISBN 978-2-36252-419-6.
  • Edward Louis, Ending Eddie Bellegueule . Editions du Seuil, 2014, 219 pages, 17 € (hard copy in Decitre ) or € 11.99 (version epub in Decitre also ), ISBN 978-2-02-111770-7.
  • James Baldwin, Giovanni's Room ( my friend Giovanni and Giovanni's Room in French translation), available in all libraries.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

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