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Arizona brings a law in favour of Homophobia

(Blogmensgo, gay blog 1st March 2014) The House of Representatives finally voted Arizona, February 21, 2014, an act authorizing any entity to refuse to serve gays and lesbians.The law will come into force if the Governor Jan Brewer not vetoed by February 28. [Update available at the end of article.]

Law SB 1062: text PDF | successive states

MEPs adopted the "Law on the exercise of freedom of religion" (SB 1062) score of 33 votes against 27. The bill emanates from Republican senators Yarbrouch Steve and Bob Worsley.

Jan Brewer. The Governor of Arizona she say goodbye to this unjust law? © Azgovernor.gov.
Jan Brewer. The Governor of Arizona she say goodbye to this unjust law? © Azgovernor.gov.

The text aims to formally authorize the reception of the public according to their own religious beliefs. An artisan or service may well refuse to welcome and serve anyone claiming that it is contrary to his beliefs.  In fact, the law was designed to allow a professional to reject any work or service towards the LGBT community in general, and in particular homosexual couples.

A conservator will be able to refuse to serve a gay couple or a group of lesbians. Hence the nickname of this law: "No cake for gay" (no pie for gays). Cafes and hostile to the new law restaurants multiply posters saying "Here, we do not serve parliamentarians."

No dogs and elected officials. © Rocco's Little Chicago Pizza.
No dogs and elected officials. © Rocco's Little Chicago Pizza.

Opponents believe that the text of the future law, as written, can also be a pretext for refusing to serve a Black, a Jew or a foreigner, under the guise of religious beliefs.

Furthermore LGBT organizations, several voices call Republican Governor to veto. This is the case of Republican Senator John McCain and the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce.

This is also the case of three Republican senators who voted for the law SB 1062 and have since recanted their positions, finding that this text will harm Arizona.Senator Bob Worsley (though one of the two promoters of the text) and colleagues Steve Pierce and Adam Driggs sought, unsuccessfully, that their vote is officially reversed. They are now calling for a veto of the Governor Brewer.

"While our sincere intent in voting for this bill to create WAS a shield for all citizens' religious liberties, the bill INSTEAD HAS-been mischaracterized by icts Opponents have a sword for religious intolerance [...]. These allegations are Causing our state immeasurable harm. " (We sincerely our intention in passing this legislation to make the sword of religious freedom for all citizens, but the law has been misinterpreted by his opponents that make the sword of religious intolerance [...]. these allegations to cause immeasurable harm our state.)

Five states (South Dakota, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Tennessee) have enacted similar laws in recent years. So far, all these attempts were retoquées temporarily or permanently.

Update 27 February 2014. Governor Jan Brewer officially vetoed yesterday ( source ).]

Comment. Though it relies on the First Amendment, the SB 1062 law is manifestly contrary to the Federal Constitution. This text has no chance of being legally approved by the Federal Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, three senators recognize defectors have mixed speed and precipitation believer do well. The advantage of elective office is that the elect can not discard in person or on the employees or their trainees. Not only have they messed up their jobs as engineers sandbox, but these have nickel feet - as they recognize later - highly tarnished the image of the state they claim to serve. But no way to resign, of course. They want to go through with theirmandatehomophobia.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo (via the World February 25, 2014)



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