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53% of Americans favor gay marriage (survey)

(Blogmensgo, gay blog 28 February 2014) The Americans are now much more favorable (53%) than hostile (41%) same-sex marriage, according to a survey from Public Religion Research Institute released February 26, 2014. However, the average acceptance rate is capped at 48% in the southern states and to 39% among blacks.

Poll: release | summary results in PDF

Click to enlarge. © PRRI .
Click to enlarge. © PRRI .

About 5.1% of the 4,500 Americans polled say they are gay, lesbian, bi or trans. Most respondents multiplied by four (with a median figure of 20%) the actual proportion of LGBT in the U.S. population.Only 14% of respondents correctly place the proportion of LGBT approximately 5%.

The rate of acceptance of gay and lesbian marriage has increased 21 points since 2003, while the rejection rate lost 18 points over the same period. The magnitude of the phenomenon is even more pronounced for high acceptance rate (22% of respondents against 9% in 2003) and strong rejection (20% against 35%).

In terms of acceptance, a gap now separates the western states (58%) and Northeast (60) and South (48%), but independents (57%) or Democrats ( 64%) and Republicans (34%).

Statistics with respect to religious beliefs have become more nuanced, despite clear differences. The more heavily in favor of gay marriage are American Jews (83%). They now lead the non-affiliated with a religion (73%), the latter being the only ones to accept gay marriage there ten years.  The lower acceptance rate even for black Protestants (35%) and Protestants white evangelicals (27%). However, acceptance is today among mainstream Protestant majority (62%) and white Catholics (58%) and Hispanic (56%).

This is especially among young people that the acceptance rate is higher. The difference ranges from 37% for 68 years or more, up to 69% in 18-33 years. This category of 18-33 years is itself cleaved very basis of political opinions (just 50% acceptance among young Republicans) and religious (only 43% of young white evangelicals Protestants). Blacks 18-33 years are also much more open to gay marriage (59%) than the black population as a whole (39%).

Click to enlarge. © PRRI .
Click to enlarge. © PRRI .

The average rate in favor of opinions adoption of children by homosexual couples is 58%, against 38% in 1999. Differences on this point relate to roughly the same category and in the same proportions as for the acceptance of marriage between same-sex couples.

Believers think that the hostility of their coreligionists against gay marriage is much stronger than it actually is. Similarly 58% of Americans think they orchestrate religious groups youth in a way too restrictive with regard to LGBT issues.

Methodology. Telephone interviews conducted in English or Spanish by the Public Religion Research Institute, 12 November to 18 December 2013, with 4509 people aged at least 18 years. Random sampling method, recovery based on telephone and demographic characteristics. Survey funded by the Ford Foundation.

Comment. figures above corroborate those obtained in May 2013 by the Pew Research Center ( here ). The main parameters are now unchanged or slightly better, with the exception of a slight decrease in acceptance rates in the Northeast and in the West.

Arguably, supporting figures, that the acceptance of gay marriage in the United States has become an enduring societal phenomenon.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo (via all the press on February 26, 2014)


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