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The French finally in favor of same-sex parenting (BVA)

(Blogmensgo, gay blog 16 February 2014) A BVA poll published Feb. 10, 2014 shows that 54% of French, "two homosexuals living together with the child of one of them" are a real family. In 2002, only 34% of the French felt the same.

BVA survey: summary | Results in PDF (provisional URL)


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© Bva.fr

A gay couple without children "is the idea that you get a family" 47% of respondents, 14 points better than in 2002. The majority (51%) believe however that it is not a full-fledged family.

The left / right split is very pronounced. The gay couple with child collects 78% Agree 35% left and right. Supporters of the left are less frankly favorable (66%) in homo couple without children, while the opinion of supporters of right does not change (36%).

More than two-thirds of French (71% in 2014 against 65% in 2002) believe that the next law "family" must take account of new forms of family life (blended families, unattached ...) in order to "preserve the emotional security and stability of the children. " Only 28% of respondents want the law is limited to the "traditional model of the family."

For that matter, even supporters of the right to pronounce majority (51%) in favor of the family history. At left is a virtual plebiscite (92%).

Methodology. Telephone survey conducted on 6 and 7 February 2014 among a representative sample of the adult French population (973 persons at least 18 years). Quota method. Poll by BVA Orange, L'Express , Radio France and Regional Press.

Comment. If the wording of the second question was added "homosexual family or LGBT" to "blended families, unattached ..." never the right people have not said yes to 51%. Sure.

And it obscures the major trends in the level of acceptance in adoption, assisted reproductive technology (ART) and management for others (GPA). The French government initially declined on these two points there, before emptying his bill on the family of his substance. The BVA poll suggests that kicking into touch finally beat wishes which proved fictitious.

The problem with surveys of this nature, but also politicians and rulers, it is both the terrorism of the family and the terrorism of the child. Only the family is to taste them. And only makes sense to them a family with children.  means that the concept of family is established by taking a premise (two parents and at least one child), which now represents less than half of cases. As if does not exist families whose parents can not or do not want to have children.

The other night I watched the excellent - but too late - emission Frédéric Taddeï, "Tonight or Never." It spoke precisely of the family in general and in particular homosexual or gay or lesbian ("Events, postponement of the law: do we have the right to touch the family"). Too many cast, as usual -. Impeccable but as usual  Nevermind the surprise of the sociologist, the three philosophers sometimes confused speech or the real or supposed existence of a "gender theory" . That is not my point.

Side partisans, a Carolina Mecary great night. Blazing from the hairline to the arch. Accurate and factual arguments in lush beautiful dialectic.

Next opponents, a caricature: the ultra-preppy mother, unable to weep without rhétoriquer, dissolving his argument in rambling digressions, unable to complete a sentence makes sense, on the verge of hysterics, clutching fixed ideas as foolish as grainy. An example: raising children by homosexual couples is not good, because the said couples will have to hide their son or daughter that he or she has not been designed (e) by both parents there together. This means that the poor woman, with her arguments Neanderthal did not have to convince that many people.

Note also the presence of Dominique Bertinotti , Deputy Minister for the Family. Brilliant speaker, she supported a law much, much more proactive. And suggest a hint that if the bill was emasculated, eviscerated and then enucleated and gutted, then removed, it was done in self-defense at the behest of the highest strata of the executive .

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

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