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MensGo & LadiesGo to hold free raffles

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of 9 February 2014) MensGo and LadiesGo organize, since January 2014, monthly raffle a free and without obligation. Exceptionally, the draw was held January 3 February. But it was for a good cause. Explanations.

Start with the winner. His name is Elo. It does not say his name (that starts with a V), as it must now contact MensGo or LadiesGo to get the prize. In this case an iPod Nano sixth generation interface with 29 languages, so I think the prices page ( here or in MensGo here in LadiesGo). Attention Elo, verifies that the message notifying you that you have won is not in your spam box!  Emails free raffle drums are often, but not in MensGo. If Elo does not claim their prize, we can say that the raffle tombalo.: Mrgreen:

An innocent hand - Patricia cuckoo! 😉 © MensGo.com.

Why a first draw in February instead of January? This was to enable clubbers present in Zurich on 1 st February for the Angels Kitsch Party to participate in the draw for the raffle.

The Zurich ballots were mixed with bulletins from the Lausanne Pinup Bar ( page Tumblr | Facebook page ).MensGo was partner Angels Zurick effect on 1 st February and was LadiesGo partner Pinups Lausanne January 25. Ballots were distributed free to participant (s) by the teams arc-en-ciel five-star MensGo and LadiesGo.

So, testosterone and estrogen in the same hat for the draw. But the cap was not more hetero provided.: Mrgreen:

FYI, LadiesGo will partner the evening of February 22 Pinup Bar. The opportunity for attendees to participate in the new lot, obviously. The next big event in Zurich, this will be the White Party special twentieth anniversary of May 2 to 4 Suffice to say that our raffle in February 2014 will probably not be won by a Zurich.: Mrgreen:

February 22. Even if it snows, it will heat up with LadiesGo. © DR.
February 22. Even if it snows, it will heat up with LadiesGo. © DR.

20140204-verso-ladiesgo-225x335"But before the evening of Feb. 22, there will be that of 15 February 2014. "(Stating the obvious)  Still in Lausanne, but this time in the basement of The Entry ( page Facebook | website yet available). That day in that place (February 15, avenue de Tivoli 5) inaugurated the new show transvestite burlesque hosted by Gloria Gaybar ( Facebook page ). . The same thing every weekend in The Entrance, a semester  And every Thursday evening MensGo mark places his seal - and his hat raffle.

In short, absent will always wrong (do not try to win the jackpot next raffle). The highest levels of MensGo LadiesGo and have not indicated to me the consistency of the next lot at stake, so it will be a surprise.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo


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