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For Valentine’s Day, gifts from MensGo until Easter.

(Blogmensgo, gay blog February 9, 2014) Valentine's Day takes place on February 14. This will feast on MensGo.com and for the first year, the festival also LadiesGo.com . We take the opportunity to reward the loyalty of guys who love and who love chicks . Here is an overview. Update. participation links at the bottom of the article.]

Valentine's Day, February 14 to April 20. © Niffylux.com.
Valentine's Day, February 14 to April 20. © Niffylux.com.

The website is about to change MensGo look. Not just there for show few kisses on the occasion of Valentine's Day. The redesign will be in depth, from the home page. Planned launch - in principle - to February 14.  LadiesGo No redesign for only a few weeks after its opening.;)

Just before the week beginning February 10 will result in the launch of a new Special MensGo Easter contest on Facebook . You will have two months to participate in the Easter Day falls on April 20 this year.The winner will win an iPad Air.

We urge you to prepare yourself as a champion, as a quarterback, as a champion of strategy.Stratospheric score this 1 st  February Florent, the winner of the previous competition attests that even a handsome young man like him - that everything seems easy - there is used as a real pro.

And there is enough! Florent had potential competitors for the other 13,999 people who "like" the page on Facebook MensGo .

Want a hint? Well the new competition which will perhaps prepare a report with the MensGo videos posted on YouTube . A few seconds to more than twenty minutes between loud exuberance and zen hovering, very wise to very crazy - there's something for everyone.

No doubt after viewing the MensGo logo will have no secret for you, like this:


Entirely free game, that goes without saying. Male, female, trans or intersex , every human person aged at least 18 years can try his luck.  But to participate, you must enjoy - I like that word - Profile on Facebook. This will allow you to connect either via LadiesGo page on Facebook or via MensGo page on Facebook .

If by special you do you not feel comfortable with Facebook, MensGo LadiesGo and offer you very soon have another opportunity to win free prizes and no obligation to buy . How so? It will be explained in detail tomorrow.  Teaser: we speak, inter alia, Admission and Pin-up . Meanwhile, here's an appetizer female:


Update. The competition started on the 5th and will end very precisely 21 April 2014 23H 59 . You can participate by clicking on one of the four links following

Good luck!

Matt / MensGo


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