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Hong Kong billionaire who offers a hetero marriage to his lesbian daughter

Gigi is a film buff. To her father, she said Chao puppet! : D © Faith in Love .
Gigi is a film buff. To her father, she said Chao puppet! : D © Faith in Love .

(Blogmensgo, gay blog 29 January 2014) Cecil Chao Sze-tsun, 77, is ready to offer 100 million euros to the man who married his daughter Gigi. But Gigi, lesbian, PACS is with his partner Sean Eav for nine years.

This is the second time that the Hong Kong billionaire offers a bonanza to the man who will marry his daughter. Some 20,000 candidates - attracted by the promise, in September 2012, EUR 50 million - have already encountered the refusal of Gigi.  (rounded About The new offer is 1 billion Hong Kong dollars, or 94 million. euros).

The daughter of billionaire wants to marry a man, but on two conditions. First, that the marriage is not consummated and the husband takes coi since Gigi is already married. Second, the bridegroom reverse a substantial part of the dowry to his charitable foundation Faith in Love . If Gigi does not marry, only his brothers inherit their father's fortune. The young woman says not to worry.

The object of Faith in Love is to reduce poverty, encourage volunteerism and promote relations and artistic expressions. Gigi Chao is also an artist and sells some of his works to the benefit of Faith in Love. It will release a book (available for pre-order ), which also donate revenue to its foundation.

A Letter to Santa in graphical version. © Faith in Love .
A Letter to Santa in graphical version. © Faith in Love .

Gigi Chao is also a founding member of Alliance BigLove Hong Kong LGBTQ movement created in January 2013.

Gigi oftentimes asked his father to discuss his more "supply" in the press. "Thanks dad, you too I love you," she has said through the media that his father was outed. "When it comes to accept and embrace diversity, Hong Kong is atrocious," she has said.

Update 29 January 2014. Gigi has been published in the South China Morning Post an open letter to his father . The daughter of billionaire asks his father to stop his ridiculous quest for a straight husband and accept his daughter is as is, that is to say lesbian.]

Comment. I almost raise this matter there is a little over a year, despite my lack of appetite for the miscellaneous category. But then, the septuagenarian beyond the pale.

Note first that Gigi Chao is not only beautiful, playful and obviously very smart. It is also very tolerant and infinite patience with his father. Culture Hong Kong, perhaps.

Who is most to be pitied in this case, the father who ridicules or girl who is publicly humiliated by his father? The septuagenarian is obviously mentally ill. His illness has a name: homophobia.

That said, I suggest to my countless readers to apply. This is a so-called hetero marriage that could bring them money without forcing or sleeping with the bride or even remain faithful except friendship. The only downside is that it may also undergo dispensable presence of a mentally ill will.: Mrgreen:

Needless to apply however if you are registered on LadiesGo . For two reasons we mentioned above: the old mental patient does not support pédégouines (unless they are disguised as straight and if they are disguised as guy) and Gigi is its darling love.

I want to point out that MensGo.com just transferred to LadiesGo.com all women who slept in MensGo accounts pending the establishment of LadiesGo. Accuracy is required, since the message was meant for me ended up in the spam box. Some recipients may not receive the messages not more.  Philca is on both sites - for strictly technical reasons, of course.: Mrgreen:

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo (via Le Figaro of 24 January 2014)


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