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Blogmensgo.de, new blog on homosexuality in German

(Blogmensgo, gay blog 18 December 2013) before yesterday, without telling anyone,Blogmensgo.de opened unofficially. The official opening is today December 18, 2013, although the Germanization of our German blog is not quite finished.

Also gut yesterday BlogMensGo.de kommt!  (Am I right here?) ;)
Also gut yesterday BlogMensGo.de kommt!
(Am I right here?) 😉

This is the excellent Wolfgang orchestrates writing our German blog. Curious coincidence, the official opening of the German blog was made ​​while Wolfgangis sent into the air was on a plane bound for a remote area.

The fifth gay blog MensGo

Blogmensgo.de is the fifth blog Galaxy MensGo . His predecessors are gay blog FrenchBlogmensgo.fr (established in 2005), our gay blog in English Blogmensgo.com (created in 2009 and revived in 2011), our gay blog in Spanish Blogmensgo.es (2010) and finally our blog Italian gay Blogmensgo.it (2011). As Philip, Matthew, Carlos and Giorgio, our friend and colleague Wolfgang is French (fluently bilingual) and English.

Although the interface of our German blog yet retains some fragments of non-German pidgins, Blogmensgo.de already offers texts in the language of GoetheWolfgang. The particular blog provides all the details necessary to become photographer MensgGo evenings , or more precisely he explains why and how MensGo Party-sucht für Fotografen nachts .

All the LGBT news in German

Weißt of was? Well it can also be a great way to improve your skills in German. You read my wonderful texts in French, and you read their beautiful German translation by Wolfgang invaluable, and after you chain on reading the two thousand pages of Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften Robert Musil. (Read it at least in translation French Philippe Jaccottet, it is an absolute masterpiece.): D

German speaking, true, on Blogmensgo.de find everything that makes salt gay blogs MensGo: seriousness and humor, news and futility, essential and inessential information, dramatic and festive - in short, everything that concerns or interests the LGBT community at large and especially gays Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland.

Good luck to Blogmensgo.de and its kingpin!  By the way, how is said kingpin in German?: Mrgreen:

Philca & Matt / MensGo


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