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Make NYE 2013/14 special at the MAD Club, Lausanne

Alex Herkommer (right) in the Jungle of Arosa. © DR
Alex Herkommer (right) in the Jungle of Arosa. © DR
MensGo partner Super GameBoy December 31, 2013 at Mad Lausanne.
MensGo partner Super GameBoy December 31, 2013 at Mad Lausanne.

(Blogmensgo, gay blog on 17 December 2013) Alex Herkommer no orchestra nocturnal delirium in Lausanne club Mad . Two decades complete, but two new adventures begin.

For twenty years, Alex was the Herkommer heydaybeautiful night club Mad . Two names associated with it: Trixx and Jungle . Or two names became synonymous with gay parties in the evening until dawn.

As recalled in September 2013, the concept of evenings Trixx Club Mad Lausanne focuses on Sunday and into festive night gay, lesbian and hetero-friendly .

As for the concept Jungle, it can be summarized in one night mégafête at Mad Lausanne day or the day before a holiday Monday in Switzerland, five times per year. Eg September 15, 2013 during an unforgettable night at Jungle HustlaBall Mad Lausanne . Which, again, was MensGo partner.

Alex Herkommer carries with it the Trixx brands and Jungle, which he owns. It has not yet done whether reignite his two jewels in other jewelry. One thing is sure, Alex Herkommer is more than ever at the helm of the Arosa Gay Ski Week 2014 , which as its name suggests will take place in 2014 (from January 12 to 19) in Arosa , Switzerland.

Mad no longer resonate to the rhythms and Trixx Jungle. A new concept will bring new sounds to the Lausanne club: GameBoy ( Facebook page ). Yes, GameBoy, like the famous handheld console that titillated you with as much ardor as if it was a dildo. The new concept for contractors Ludo aka Ludovic Langrand (the cons), and his accomplice Adriano Tosto, aka Adriano Tosto

Since 1 st  December 2013 GameBoy moved to Mad Lausanne instead of Trixx. Sunday begins the new concept pianissimo by a tea dance from 17 pm fortissimo continues from 22 am until sourdissimo to 4am. And again, on the third Sunday of the month for partner reference only international five-star site gay dating , that is to say MensGo.

As for the big night Jungle, it gives way to the big night Super GameBoy Gay Party at Mad Lausanne . Super GameBoy night promises to be festive and hot, despite a less easy to remember name.

The first Super GameBoy is scheduled for December 31, 2013. Eve promises to be as hot as the previous, according to the website and the Facebook page of the event.

Is it worth noting that MensGo is a partner of the first GameBoy New Year's Eve? It is needless to say.

We wish good luck to Ludo and Adriano and their festive new concepts.

"Thank you, Alexander, for your tremendous commitment to the prevention and your passion for the world of our gay nights Lausanne. "These words are Alain Henguely, owner of Pink Beach sauna Lausanne. 
All teams MensGo BlogMensGo and associate themselves and wish Alex a speedy return to the front of the festive scene Swiss and international as thunderous and successful as during these last twenty years.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo



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