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The Anglican Church takes minuscule steps to gay marriage

Keith Sinclair, Bishop of Birkenhead: "No! No! No! » Thou who protests too much...© Chester.anglican.org.
Keith Sinclair, Bishop of Birkenhead: "No! No! No! » Thou who protests too much...© Chester.anglican.org.

(Blogmensgo, gay blog 28 November 2013) An episcopal commission chaired by Joseph Pilling issued November 28, 2013 "a report on human sexuality" suggesting authorize the celebration not gay marriage but homosexual unions by Anglican Church of England.Pilling report: press | text (PDF)

The report of the "Working Group of the House of Bishops on human sexuality" or Pilling committee made 18 recommendations which successively discuss the house of bishops in December 2013 and the College of Bishops in January 2014.

"Declaration of disagreement"

In addition to its eponymous President, the commission gathered Pilling four bishops and three councilors since January 2012. All co-signed most of the 200 pages of the report, except the Bishop of Birkenhead who got to include his "statement of disagreement" in the report.

The text emphasizes that "the teaching of the Church on sexuality is cantilevered at odds with the positions of contemporary society, not only among lesbians and gay Christians but also among heterosexual Christians."

The first of the 18 recommendations "warmly welcomes and reaffirms the presence and ministry in the Church, gay and lesbians, whether secular or have been given orders."

To repentance

Several recommendations called the Anglican Church to combat homophobia and to repentance for not having received and accepted gay people "in the past."

The report proposes that the priests are "able to provide appropriate services to endorse a faithful homosexual relationship." However, no recommendation calls for special liturgy for it.Pilling the Committee does not call either to change the religious education concerning sexual behavior.

The PACS PACS remain

Finally, the report of the Committee Pilling believes that the consecration of gay marriages require substantial prior modification tables of religious law. There is no question of forcing a parish or an officiant to solemnize marriages between persons of the same sex.

Pilling the commission claims to have established its proposals after meeting with clergymen, theologians, but also scientists and "a number of gay and lesbians, often in their homes, to hear their stories and arguments."

Comment. Not quite a Scottish shower, but a big shower English. Remains whether the holy water is hot, warm or cold.

The recommendations of the commission Pilling and several of its formulations show - we can not deny it - a very bold compared to the previous reluctance of the Anglican Church. But at no time the report recommends the religious celebration of gay marriage itself.

Reflection was not always done in a cozy atmosphere, as evidenced by the addendum imposed by the Bishop of Birkenhead. Joseph Pilling has itself acknowledged that disagreements were "examined in the heat of a shared faith."

This formula full of humor suggests that it was happily gutted in the Pilling commission for almost two years. With a heavy subtext: we risk s'écharper even when the house of Bishops and the Episcopal college examine the report submitted to them.

The first gay civil marriages will be celebrated in the summer of 2014 in England and Wales.Not sure that the Anglican Church has finally decided - without civil war of religion - on the same subject by then. And next summer, "heat of a shared faith" could become suffocating.

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