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Amateur photographers wanted! Apply within.

MensGo and its teams thank you for the interest you have shown in our MensGo Event service. You will find all the necessary and useful information below in our frequently asked questions (faq). We invite you to carefully read this information before confirming your registration online.

Headband MensGo amateur photographers

(Blogmensgo, gay blog November 18, 2013) Below is a faq written with love, to provoke in you clicked.

Must I be a professional photographer? Is it a job? Is it paid?

It is neither a job nor a student job or paid work or a job as a professional photographer, nor a status of a regional news correspondent. 
This is a fair exchange. 
On MensGo and MensGo Events, through an event calendar, you propose to cover one or more events, we facilitate access and offer you the media exposure of our website MensGo.com and its official blogs, including French (BlogMensGo.fr), Spanish (BlogMensGo.es), Italian (BlogMensGo.it) and English (BlogMensGo.com). We consider 'events' evenings, festivals, parties and various public and private gatherings, coming from - or having a direct link with - the gay and more generally LGBT community. Your photos will be duly credited with mention of your name or your nickname if you prefer to remain anonymous. 
For an amateur photographer, that is to say, you or someone else who wants to benefit from a national and even international media exposure while enhancing your social and nightlife.

In a word, what is it?

It is free to attend, with your camera strap, the significant events in your area: festivals, clubbing, community parties, etc.. 
and by doing so, you increase your range of friends and acquaintances with: DJs, artists and performers, clubbers, etc.. 

If this is of interest to you? MensGo gives you the opportunity to become a photographer evenings (or days, if applicable).

What are the criteria to be accepted as an amateur photographer?

Three criteria are required. 
Firstly, you must be an adult (minimum 18 years). 
Secondly, you should be able to get you on the spot by the means of transport of your choice. Attention, many events are nocturnal and therefore require a car or two-wheeler. 
Thirdly, you have to have your own photographic equipment. Good knowledge of software image processing (to blur some faces) is desirable.

I'm a girl, it's embarrassing?

Not at all! Just get the feeling of living in a cloak of invisibility. 
We take this opportunity to announce to you the next creation LadiesGo, the female equivalent of MensGo. The girls who like girls go to LadiesGo like guys who like guys go to MensGo.

It pays?

Registration for Event MensGo is completely free and will remain so. Entry and participation in events as pre-registered amateur photographer is free and will remain so. 
However, each institution is free to charge drinks and access to the VIP area.

You must register to enter for free?

We can only rely on MensGo amateur photographers who are both pre-registered on the official agenda of MensGo Event and accepted by the team MensGo Event.

And if, in spite of my entry, I am denied free entry?

In case the institution (or the organizer, the security service, etc.). Refused entry to a licensed amateur photographer by MensGo Event, MensGo can not be held responsible for the refusal. 
It is recommended every amateur photographer to dispel any misunderstanding, check with the organizers of the event that they are well on the list of official accreditation. 
In the event of special dress code, put yourself in contact with the organizers to not be denied entry.

How many events can I participate?

There is no obligation. Once accepted, participation for one or more events of an amateur photographer remains completely free to participate or not to participate in each event. 
It is still desirable, as a courtesy, to tell the photographer what he will do and keep him informed.

Can I refuse to participate in an event?

You are free to participate in events that you choose yourself. Nevertheless we warn you that if you let us down at the last minute, we may not use you in the future.

Treat yourself to a camera? Do you pay travel expenses, hotel rooms, the escort boys?

The activity is exclusively for amateur photographers, that is to say people who own a camera. 
Unless expressly agreed in writing and signed, participation in an event as an amateur photographer does not give rise to any defrayal of any kind. This is why amateur photographers only cover events in their locality or region. If they wish to cover a distant event, they do so at their own expense.

Who do I shoot and how?

You are free to shoot as you wish. 
You choose for yourself your events, your models, your framing, your equipment and your working methods, independent spirit and organization. 
Photographs of models are part of an LGBT-themed event and are intended for media exposure in an LGBT context (websites MensGo and official blogs). Therefore, the amateur photographer must obtain the explicit agreement in writing signed by each model to use any pictures outside of this context.

If I break glasses is MensGo reimburses?

As an amateur photographer, you're not bound by any contract of employment and any subordination. In other words, you remain responsible for your doings, civilly and criminally. §Like any responsible adult. 
We suggest you not to drink and shoot at the same time because it may blur the pictures. We also suggest you not pick a quarrel with someone even if you can not see the photo.

How many photos should I take?

It's up to you. You decide the number for yourself, thematic and quality. For each picture, if necessary, you will write a short caption explaining what it is. 
As explained above, it is a fair exchange. If you promise to take part, regardless if you take just a set to enter via MensGo into a club, then shoot off, you will not do not do this long. However, You are free to come and you're free to go. 
Putting photos online is through a fully participatory and completely free service. You're so compelled to enter any quantitative requirement. We hope you also honor your name (or your pseudo) by the quality of your photos.

Will I land exclusives?

You can register for all events that interest you in your city or your region, subject to being present on site. 
So you can also register for events on your vacation spot for you. Whether in France, Switzerland, Spain and Germany. And whether in Paris, London, Berlin or Geneva.

Can I publish my photos elsewhere?

Thou hast the right, as you have the property of your pictures. But you will need to have permission to collect your models pictures if being used  outside of LGBT context, MensGo or BlogMensGo. 
We will be happy to point a link to your personal website.

But why would I do this? MensGo is a cult?

MensGo is an international five star gay social network, 100% free and unlimited. In other words, a dating site for guys who like guys. Nothing to see, near or far, with any sect. 
You can choose to become an amateur photographer for many reasons: for LGBT activism, love of photography, by wanting to try a new activity or a new photographic device, idleness, a desire to party (and for free), for want to meet people, in an effort of self-fulfillment, by the need for recognition ...

Want to know more?

Hotline: +41 79 210 66 00 or +41 79 192 98 84

Okay, I want to register! Where is it?

Here: www.mensgo.com / photographers

Philca & Matt / MensGo

This has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

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