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Arosa Gay Ski Week 2014, a snow color rainbow in the sky

Champagne! Ski! Drink slipping! Ski that sparkles! © Arosa / Thomas Haywood.
Champagne! Ski! Drink slipping! Ski that sparkles! © Arosa / Thomas Haywood.

(Blogmensgo, gay blog November 16, 2013) The Arosa resort in the Swiss Alps , is the tenth consecutive year the theater of the Arosa Gay Ski Week , from 12 to 19 January 2014. For one week, spatulas and tracks, schuss and après-ski, stoves and food there shine the colors of gay rainbow sky, lesbian or hetero-friendly.

Arosa Gay Ski Week: websiteFacebook page

As during the week Arosa Gay Ski Week 2013 , the French pianist Michel Dalberto and Serbian Boris Radulović honor music lovers a recital of classical music . Like last year, too, the program of festivitiesreference well as square, muscular American gay singer Josey Greenwell. 
(For a lesson on romantic music, watch the one-hour video on this page ).

The other parties will happen in disco or the pool, fine dining or drinking, two or more, among old or between young, but always laughter and good humor. It may be possible to ski between two parties, but there is a risk of falling to half awake.

It seems, requires special tenth anniversary, that surprises the participants. We do not have more, otherwise it would not be a surprise.

And how to reach Arosa, huh? This resort in Graubünden is twenty minutes from Zurich as the crow flies. If you're not a bird, you will have to reach youconsider a slower mode of locomotion: car, train or plane. 
Yup! As proved Zeno of Elea - pronounce Winged - there a few years ago, the plane is slower than the bird.

Youth, students and broke - broke even young students - will benefit this year's rate of low-cost accommodation . As what the definition of a cheap accommodation is probably not the same everywhere. The slightly more affluent participants will share, meanwhile, the dozen gay-friendly hotels in Arosa .

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo
(via Jungle statement received on 24 October 2013)


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