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Barilla’s homophobic friendly pasta sauce

Barilla pasta to taste bitter. © Barilla.
Barilla pasta to taste bitter. © Barilla.

(Blogmensgo, gay blog November 14, 2013) Less than two months after the homophobic statements of his boss, the brand Barilla pasta launched a campaign in favor of diversity and equality.


In late September, the waves of the Italian radio station Radio 24, Guido Barilla explains its position on the family: "I will never do a spot with a gay family, not out of disrespect but because I do not agree with them.Our family is traditional. "And the CEO of the food group that bears his name to drive the point:" If gays do not agree, they can always eat pasta from another manufacturer. "

General media, social networks and LGBT organizations in particular, but also competitors of the Italian pasta maker were immediately denounced as homophobic about the Guido Barilla . The boss and his company then created a triple movement disapproval of caricatures and cons-offensive.

The cartoons showed Guido Barilla for what it is worse than a single entrepreneur who stumbles tangling pasta.

On the front-offensives against several competitors Barilla put forward their own if not downright friendly political activist. And most importantly, many LGBT organizations, especially Italian and American, have called for a boycott because of the Italian brand in the world. It is only then that Guido Barilla apologized.

Barilla argues supposedly for diversity

The brand of pasta now says promote diversity and equality , both internally and through its corporate communications. This initiative corresponds to a strategy in place for more than a year in a food group whose brands include Harry's and Wasa.

One element of this new campaign involves organizing in 2014 a competition online video showing the many facets of pasta (and those who eat them). By then, the group has Barilla convey more or less macho homophiles advertisements.

The Italian giant has just announced on 4 November 2013, the creation of an advisory committee on diversity and equality ( press release ). Within this committee will sit the American writer and activist David Mixner , herald of equal rights for the LGBT community.

Barilla also announced its participation in the Corporate Equality Index , ranking of companies with regard to LGBT criteria established by the American Association LGBT Human Rights Campaign .

Comment: should we believe Barilla?

The measures announced by Barilla correspond to a "crisis communications." Excuses were given, made promises and pasta are allowed brown in a thin layer oblivion.

Compare the case with Barilla two similar cases - at least through homophobia promoted by some speeches.

In October 2009, Louis Nicollin , president of the football club Montpellier, calls an opponent a "little fagot." He then made ​​amends and conducts various friendly actions that earned him in 2012 to get the Pierre Guenin against homophobia and for equal rights ( Facebook page ).Distinguish and reward it removed shortly after, following new homophobic insults.

In 2010, homophobic remarks are attributed to several members of Chris Brown , confirming the words of old songs of French rap group. Group members meet later LGBT associations, especially Le Refuge to better understand the impact of their words and actions.

Two well-known names, two very different strategies in response to homophobic. Chris Brown has chosen the path of discussion and teaching, perhaps sincerely, perhaps for the sake of stopping the concert cancellations. Louis Nicollin chose the promises before diving, as an alcoholic promises not to drink and ended his speech with a monumental terracotta.

I do not know if the rappers acted in sincerity or calculation, but I am convinced that Nicollin Barilla and apologized, late and insincere, sheer duplicity .

LGBT associations, gay and lesbians individuals should they carry openly shares with notorious homophobes, on the grounds that they presented the so-called sincere apology?The risk of error is too great with homophobic repented than trusting the mafia, alcoholics or drug addicts repented. I do not minimize the regret, I see only the risk of recurrence .

It would be far more productive for the community, in my opinion, campaigning with competitors groups Nicollin - Loulou is also a businessman - and Barilla. That is forgiven, either. But the culprits are already in their sentences. Drain, then pay. Financially. At the height of their means.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo
(via all the press, including Le Parisien and Business Insider November 5 and MeltyFoodNovember 6, 2013)


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