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Illinois takes a big step towards gay marriage

(Blogmensgo, gay blog on 13 November 2013) MPs and senators from Illinois voted on November 5, 2013, the legalization of gay marriage. Illinois could become the fifth U.S. state to legalize marriage between persons of the same sex, but the first gay and lesbians marriages will be celebrated until June 2014.


MP Greg Harris, provocateur in Illinois. © Gregharris.org .
MP Greg Harris, provocateur in Illinois. © Gregharris.org .

MEPs adopted a law establishing marriage between persons of the same sex by 61 votes (three MPs vote Republican) and 54 votes against. The same day, Senators validaient text on the score of 32-21. The text was sent on November 6 to Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn, who has promised to ratify it before the end of November 2013.

Ratification will be a mere formality, given that this was one of the priorities of the Governor for the year 2013. Given the legal deadlines, the new law will come into force on 1 st  June 2014. A Senate amendment was placed on another piece of legislation to allow the celebration of gay marriage in February 2014 (date and results of the unknown at the time I write this vote). 
Governor Quin had ratified in 2011, a law establishing the PACS (civil union) which was then used to join 6000 homosexual couples.

The SB 10 law on gay marriage in Illinois (type sb10 in the box search by number ) comes fromGreg Harris , an openly gay and living with AIDS MP and Senator Heather Steans . Its provisions to grant same-sex couples rights and responsibilities identical to those of heterosexual couples to marriage and filiation. Couples who wish to can - under certain conditions - to transform their PACS marriage.

In its initial version, the legislation would have to be approved by 71 deputies to be validated as it was stipulated that the entry into force would be thirty days after the vote. Through an amendment in June 2014 to postpone the entry into force of the text, Greg Harris fell 11 votes the minimum number of votes necessary. In doing so, the two parliamentary vote was close to public opinion in Illinois, largely in favor of gay marriage.

Illinois will maybe the sixth state to legalize gay marriage. Members of Hawaii is indeed ready to vote for the legalization of gay marriage as the Senate of the State have already done on 30 October 2013. One of the two governors who will be the first to ratify the state to give government the fifteenth place in the United States (excluding the territory of the Federal Capital Washington) for final legalization of gay and lesbian marriage .

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo
(via the entire American press, including The Washington Times November 5, 2013)






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