Dofollow blog, but differently!

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Dofollow blog, but differently!

(Blogmensgo, gay blog October 17, 2013) Your favorite blog changes rule defined by our article on January 30 dofollow blog without CommentLuv or KeywordLuv. The blog is dofollow, but in a more selective manner.

New rules of the game

First I explain what changes and what the new situation. We'll see a little further down the reason for these changes. People who do not know what the nofollow on dofollow can dispense this article.

First, I want to say that gay blog MensGo remains dofollow full, except for a few restrictions I will state.

The comments of one commentator, as always since February 2012 are automatically dofollowfrom the second comment validated by one commentator . 
means that a single comment will nofollow some interesting as this comment. This eliminates the awkward office commentators who take their shot and immediately barred without realizing they missed their target. 
For comment I hear something a little turd mouse (or keyboard) called "Nice blog! "Or" I love this product! 
And I intend to do now accept that the comments that add real value. That is to say, the comments related to the article they comment and offering a true extension or an interesting perspective. So comments that are not confined to quote my text and text to copy and paste snippets of Web. 
commentator For I hear a surfer, that is to say, a human being enjoying a first name of a name or a nickname: any "author" crappy type cheapest insurance or credit redemption will receive an immediate poubellisation of his prose.

What will change

My method validation comments will harden. I allow myself not to validate a comment if it is one or more of the scenarios listed below.

  1. If he does not obey the precepts outlined above;
  2. If the comment is not one despite appearances;
  3. If the commentator can place a classified ad or a free advertising as abirdhummingbird droppings on the head of a bald man without asking his opinion;
  4. If the comment or commentator has a URL too questionable, for example, a pharmaceutical plant or selling doping or similar products, an openly pornographic website, a too prone to spam or bourrinage (drums website directories, SEOs black hat , bancassurance products, etc.), or any site content obviously suspect.;
  5. If the commenter has with the clear intention of cheating by his phony name (genusborrow less or shaving gratis ) or by a more or less clever trick.

In some thorny or Cornelian cases - for example when the commentator very suspicious site post comments on real strong qualitative value - I autoriserai to validate the comments concerned or nofollow, or after deleting / change any element of URL.


This new rule is effective immediately and will cover the entire blog, including the comments already posted. 
I've done some cleaning in the comments of our most popular article on the use of poppers, its effects and precautions before using this product. 
I also clean today in the article announcing the move to dofollow (see URL in the introduction).But unlike the article on the poppers, I delete all the comments already validated under this section on January 30, 2012. Same with the item you are reading: exceptionally close my comments in this article.

I apologize to the people who took the time and trouble to comment on the article of January 2012. They just see no personal animosity.

The same article in January 2012 drew almost exclusively SEOs talking about SEO. I have nothing in particular against SEOs, but it will now adjust their comments to the subject of the blog. Otherwise, trash!

In a more general way, I shall issue the following three rules.

The comments below three sentences will no longer be validated

Will only be valid input from at least three sentences. But it goes without saying that a long comment of one or two sentences will be validated if it is relevant and meets the rules set out above.

Banned books

The reviews posted for promoting a book - whatever it is and whatever the method of promoting or highlighting - will be systematically poubellisés. Merely appear as a directory (by name or by its URL) will poubellisation via spam box. 
was not even try to read the content, so do not try.

Relevance feedback

Comments must be directly related to the article they comment. At the very least they should be fitting with the theme of the blog, including all matters relating to homosexuality, bisexuality, transsexuality and major topics of interest to the community.

Reasons for change

Why this sudden change of rules? Not as sudden as that, but more or less dictated by the circumstances.

Critters (in) offensive

Anyone interested in the news search engines know that Google perfected its successive algorithms and give them names of animals. Animal tropism is used to the buzz and facilitate the conversation, as already understood Apple with names cats. Google and he successively bore Panda, Penguin and Colibri.

The algorithm Colibri (Hummingbird or English) took office between late August and late September 2013 by language. And version 2.1 of Penguin date of late September or early October 2013. In both cases these algorithms and their successive avatars are designed to optimize the results of each query and sanitize these results less relevant links and more crappy. See here the main elements of the animals hunted by Google.

Are particularly targeted sites abound links suroptimisés not relevant to the theme of the web, too generous in content or website backlinks poor.

MensGo goes on the offensive

The gay blog MensGo has an informative dimension that nobody can deny. But he had the weakness to accommodate commentators - and their URLs - a lax manner. As a result, the traffic from Google has been halved by mid-September 2013, and this overnight.

Continuing the example from the article cited three paragraphs above. In the first nine comments, how many would refuse with the new rules of the blog  ? Three in an automatic way, a fourth comment (one on directories) would sweeten all URLs and I validerais for the quality of its content, but nofollow, so that the plugin specialized SMU Dofollow not take into account in his review of valid comments.

SEOs, now you have been warned.

That's why I chose to turn a brutal and almost arbitrary small jokers how the blog URL squatting, while tightening the rules for future articles comments.

In conclusion

The bottom line is, I want this blog is dofollow order to perpetuate the values ​​of sharing. But there is no question that I shed to share, otherwise it would be a fool's bargain at my expense.

So, the comments will be rejected cans and real comments continue to be validated.

Philca & Matt / MensGo

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