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Homophobia against Premier League: 1-0

(Blogmensgo, gay blog on 6 October 2013) The English clubs Premier League footballers and were put on or display of laces rainbow sky as a symbol of struggle against homophobia , in matches on 21 and 22 September 2013. Almost nobody did. Perhaps because of a double casting error. Decryption.

The operation of multicolored laces came from Stonewall , LGBT organization honorably known in the United Kingdom.The was in flaunting laces rainbow sky show its support for the fight against homophobia on the grounds of football and in the stands.

Yellow card? red? Green card oriented rainbow sky ... © Stonewall.org.
Yellow card? red? Green card oriented rainbow sky ... © Stonewall.org.

Everton is the only Premier League club (the first division of English football league) to have explicitly asked his players to play their game of the weekend footwear multicolored laces. Defender Phil Jagielka - who bears the same name as me, but playing better football - has invested good heart in such a mission.

Giroud et Ginola, ambassadeurs gay-friendly

Some players here and there, have also laced their shoes fashion rainbow sky. For example Olivier Giroud (Arsenal), Aron Gunnarsson (Cardiff) and Robert Snodgrass (Norwich).Coaches have done the same to Alan Pardew (Newcastle) picture. But also several old glories of football as Gary Lineker and David Ginola.

Of the twenty Premier League clubs, six clubs have left their free players to use their usual laces or laces arc-en-ciel: Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Fulham, Hull, Manchester City and Newcastle. Most other clubs have chosen not to communicate on the subject. And seven clubs have refused to participate in the operation: Liverpool, Manchester United, Southampton, Tottenham, West Ham and Norwich.

Joey Barton in the footsteps of Justin Fashanu

To date, only one professional footballer revealed his homosexuality during their careers. This is Justin Fashanu (see our article of 12 March 2009 dedicated to Justin Fashanu, gay footballer ). The British former international made ​​his first steps in professional football club in Norwich.

Joey Barton, the bad boy good boy of British football. © Joeybarton.com.
Joey Barton, the bad boy good boy of British football. © Joeybarton.com.

Why so little enthusiasm for such an operation to fight against homophobia ? Why so fewprofessional footballers did they choose not to participate? Why only one club he encouraged his players to put a rainbow in the sky in their shoes?

Reasons for failure

Certainly explains Stonewall, "in a week of tens of thousands of people, including players, fans, sports journalists and politicians have expressed their support for this campaign and gay players and fans." And Stonewall to say, pairs of laces rainbow sky were sent to 134 professional football clubs in the UK.

So why such a failure? Why this campaign, entitled "Right Behind Gay Footballers" (all behind gay footballers) has she been snubbed, even in instances of the Premier League, despite the success of the Twitter hashtag # RBGF ?

The answer is twofold.

The choice of the main advocate of the operation may have muddied the waters. If you wonder what bad boy of English football has singled by his homophobic excesses, there very likely that high on the list of responses included the name of Joey Barton . A member of Queens Park Rangers is known for having made ​​homophobic remarks against Fernando Torres and transphobic against Thiago Silva.

Joseph Barton, the Janus football

Yet this is even Joey Barton was selected as flagship laces rainbow sky. In January 2012 he explained to the niece of Justin Fashanu, in a TV interview that he is in favor of gay rights andgay footballers coming out . One reason that Uncle Joey Barton is gay.

Seem to be as sincere as his homophiles convictions, Joey Barton so this profile likely to confuse the issue with the general public. And despite its popularity among football fans and his 2 million followers on Twitter.

Why do some clubs have they called for a boycott and others are they content to let their players decide for themselves? Chelsea summed discomfort in a statement: "We fully support the principles behind [this issue], but it also poses a number of problems in its current form, including the lack of consultation and the business side. "

Umbrella to dry

It is also the umbrella of "lack of cooperation" that instances of Premier League have opened wide for better slip away. As for the "commercial aspect", it is called Paddy Power, co-organizer of the operation laces rainbow sky.

Paddy Power is a well-known sports paris UK. The bookmaker is also the official sponsor of Everton, which explains the good of the club towards its gay-friendly initiative.

Joey Barton. Footballer tweeter, philosopher and homophile. © DR
Joey Barton. Footballer tweeter, philosopher and homophile. © DR

If footballers and their clubs were likely to boycott the laces rainbow sky operation, this is because of the name of Paddy Power, who was associated with them. The laces were certainly not the logo or the name of the sponsor, but Paddy Power is not in the odor of sanctity in the world of British professional football . The bookmaker has paid once the head professional football during an advertising campaign shifted. That campaign, making footballers turkey stuffing has not rained at all in the middle. This shows how the presence of Paddy Power in multicolored laces operation was seen as an affront by the players, coaches and clubs.

Right ingredients, wrong recipe (or vice versa)

The best ingredients are not sufficient to guarantee the quality of a recipe. Individually, the LGBT association, repentant bad boy and clever bookmaker are the best in their respective fields. Put all three together and they take a roust face any team of pupils or juniors during a football tournament room.

Next time, Stonewall will recruit true megastars (eg Robin van Persie, Wayne Rooney and Gareth Bale in addition to Joey Barton) and a consensus as possible partner, so anyone but not Paddy Power. For example, a famous international network of gay dating or a gay blog like the one you're reading right now.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo (via Daily Telegraph September 16, Daily Mail and Foot them from 1 st October 2013)





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