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Trixx Yes We Go 22 September 2013 in Lausanne, with MensGo

(Blogmensgo, September 19, 2013) The Swiss Lausanne language is easy to understand because its festive vocabulary is limited to two words. In Lausanne language Sunday decides Trixx and special Sunday decides Trixx Yes We Go . Trixx And next is Trixx Yes We Go (you can add to MensGo to avoid ambiguity).

You'll know quickly if you were born under a lucky star ... of MensGo .;)
You'll know quickly if you were born under a lucky star ... of MensGo .;)

For this first course language of school, we will explain the concept idiolectal trixxien building on the famous postulate of September 22. It is indeed the Sunday, September 2013 22 and not 23 September, which is a Monday. Trixx is 22, 23 is more Trixx.

An evening Trixx , it happens on Sunday in the space of JetLag Mad club and it lasts late into the night. In Lausanne, Route de Geneve.

The Mad JetLag of the Trixx is synonymous with the monthly gay, lesbian and hetero-friendly night.In a festive, baroque and glamorous atmosphere, because it rhymes with raunchy, crazy and love.  For sexual orientation, no need to draw you a picture. And the musical direction, it would ratherhouse - but the doctor.;)

And since September 22 is a special Sunday, it will be an evening Trixx Yes We Go (of MensGo ).

What a special evening Trixx Yes We Go? Well this is a special evening macaroons that are not fattening and also suitable for diabetics. Macarons, that is to say, badges, of course (as obscurantist revelers confused with pins, pins Franglaise form *). For your badge on site announce the color, which is very handy if you're shy, strong also convenient if you're not shy.  (* This is a text language high value, do not forget, my reader !)

Macaron wrong direction  ? - Have you ever taken, no need to dwell.  Macaron MensGo Yes We Go  ? - You want some new adventures.  Macaron question mark  ? - You are open to all.

Better yet, there will be special Sunday - so evening Trixx Yes We Go - every third Sunday of the month, unless the first day of the month falls on a Sunday. Until the end of this year. So, the next dates:

And each time, it will be in the space JetLag Mad Lausanne. Four good chances not to stay single all this year. For stunned, reminder dates on the calendar space MensGo  ; useless tonight you click the dates evenings Trixx Yes We Go will be available online starting tomorrow.

In summary (festive)

  • Happy Birthday! (Four times)
  • Good Trixx Yes We Go! (Four times too)

Philca & Matt / MensGo


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