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First gay marriages in New Zealand

(Blogmensgo, September 2nd, 2013) Upon entry into force of the law allowing marriage between persons of the same sex, 19 August 2013, at least 31 gay and lesbians couples were legally married in New Zealand.

To summarize the case, see this report:  http://tvnz.co.nz/national-news/historic-day-same-sex-couples-video-5536819  (or click here )

Lesbians and gay marriages are following four months the adoption of the law on the "definition of marriage", which gave rise to the memorable speech MP Maurice Williamson (cf. is our article of 18 April 2013 ).

Several celebrities have chosen to get married on the first day. This is particularly the case of Melissa Ray, 29, the oldest international women's football team, the Football Ferns (thewebsite | Facebook page ), who married Natasha Vitali, 37 years. The two brides are better known by their nicknames, respectively Mel and Tash.

Gay marriage is spot * estimate the ultraconservative group Family First and several religious denominations.  (* If you appreciate my puns, do not hesitate to ask to send my items by e-mail, it is free, cf. right column. If you do not like my puns, do not hesitate to ask to send my items by e-mail, it is free, cf. right column.)

Only New Zealand Catholic Church officially campaigning against marriage between people of the same sex. The Anglican Church, which will decide on the matter during a synod in 2014, requires its ministers a moratorium on the celebration of same-sex marriages to date.

The issue also divides the other Protestant denominations, as the Baptists and Methodists, the Presbyterians. This did not prevent Matt Tittle , associate minister at the Unitarian Church in Auckland , married to Mel and Tash.

Tourism New Zealand sees the entry into force of gay marriage a great tourism opportunity.  marital Tourism? The national tourist himself inaugurated the movement by offering all expenses paid trip to the capital Wellington a couple of Australians, Trent Kandler and Paul McCarthy, who could get married on the day J.

Although the marriage of the two Australians has no legal value in their own country, McCarthy says many Australian couples wishing to marry in New Zealand, be it for the symbol.

Kevin Bowler, head of Tourism New Zealand, estimated that each year 40,000 couples spend their honeymoon in New Zealand. Of the approximately 1000 forms gay marriage already downloaded about 170 were by couples living abroad. In Australia, of course, but also the United States, Russia and Hong Kong.

New Zealand is the fourth country in the world - and the first in Asia-Pacific - to legalize gay marriage. Gay civil unions existed since 2005 in a country where homosexuality was decriminalized in 1986.

For more information about this famous D-Day, also read reports from One News, here and here.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca / MensGo (via France 24 of 19 August 2013)

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