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A downpour of festive evenings in Berlin for September 2013

(Blogmensgo, September 1st, 2013) Winter in Berlin does not begin in September. Instead, the heat will be more pronounced. A very festive and full heat of guys. But only at night, for the lucky ones who will be Connection.

© Connectionclub.de.
© Connectionclub.de.


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Berlin festive microclimate will occur from Friday to Sunday. The rest of the week, it will be cold.But during the weekend in a broad sense, the gay revelers will have the flexibility to warm eyes, ears, throat and loving every orifice warmth. It happens to Permoserstrasse 33, where two floors of Club Connection has been completely renovated.

Four theme evenings ( DE | FR ) are organized every month in addition to the usual parties.

Zirkus awakens the animal (zoo) in you. © Connectionclub.de.
Zirkus awakens the animal (zoo) in you. © Connectionclub.de.

The craziest party could be Zirkus.Whatever we say zirkus, circus, circus circo. It is to blend into the background, that is to say, to dress like a circus clown in, a monster, an animal menagerie in swallowercocks swords or breathingspermfire. And once melted into the background, with a drink in the stomach or in the brain, heading to a mute known as DJ you very (in) prodigueront mode house, electro and pop.  Attention Zirkus the parties have place the first Saturday of the month (ie September 7, 2013).

The last Saturday of the month (ie September 28, 2013), it is in principle evening Glam House. Glamorous evening and house music, but not that. It is also very, very pop and very chic.  I said in principle, because the Connection Club announcement now, for the fourth Saturday of the month (ie September 28, 2013), parties Dominate very electro. But as the next evening Dominate is scheduled for September 14, 2013, there must be a typo somewhere, quite the second Saturday of the month (information yourself before you charter a plane, otherwise you'll look when bundle a prompt reinforcement you have arrived at the airport *).  (* literary allusion that Google Translation will struggle to dip ...)

The first Friday of the month (ie September 6, 2013), the evening Global House Connection invites one or more from a DJ or foreign capital metropolis. Concept house, but also singers and dancers on stage to make this evening hetero-friendly forever unforgettable.

Those who prefer to see their own friends can also organize their own tea dance at Club Connection. When I say tea is a way of speaking, of course.

You still prefer other concepts? No problem, the Connection Club has other tricks in the bag two floors (I say this to people who use Google translate my English prose learned to tear their hair to become bald).  For example, on the third Friday of the month (ie September 20), a night with gogo Sexy Bitches show (word explicit enough to do without Google translation) and showers sexy.

Ich bin ein Berliner!

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo (via email Gay Parties Berlin , received August 12, 2013)


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