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California schools are open to transidentity

(Blogmensgo, August 30, 2013) Jerry Brown , Governor of California, approved on 12 August 2013 a law on "the rights of students in single-sex programs and school activities." Clearly, any student may participate according to their own gender identity, not based on gender as it assigns the administration.

Tom Ammiano, LGBT activist to end look. © DR
Tom Ammiano, LGBT activist to end look. © DR

The AB 1266 law amends section 221.5 of the California Education Code. The text states that upon its entry into force in January 2014, all students will participate in programs and single-sex school activities (including activities and competitions) and use specific facilities (including toilets) in accordance with its identity gender and not gender stated in his academic record.

The new law applies to primary and secondary schools in California, even if the courses are not made in a strictly academic or academic setting. In a more general way, any school or extracurricular activity offered to students of one sex will also be students of the opposite sex. The teaching staff and guidance will also "examine the possibility of the student occupations - or courses leading to these professions - atypical in terms of the gender of the student."

The Senate had adopted the text at third reading, on July 3, with 21 votes in favor, 9 against and 8 abstentions. On May 9, the House had approved by 46 votes in favor, 25 votes against and 8 abstentions.

The inspiration of the legislative amendment, the Democrat Tom Ammiano, welcomes such a breakthrough. This is the first time a State of the Union enacts a law to "sanctuary transgender student access to programs and facilities in accordance with their gender identity. [...] This law means they no longer have to hide who they are or be considered as they are not. "

California law previously prohibited discrimination against trans in public educational institutions, but each school or school district tended to interpret the law as he saw fit. The main district of California (Los Angeles Unified School District) for almost ten years has a policytrans-friendly that "has solved problems without causing new ones," according to testimony gathered by a parliamentary committee. In addition, says the text that serves as my source , the California teachers are in favor of the member Ammiano amendments.

In the United States, several other states have already enacted rules against discrimination of transgender people in schools, but only California has so far such rules engraved in the marble of the law.

Four ultraconservative group tried to derail amendments member Ammiano, as evidenced by the Senate summary of the third reading ( here in PDF ). Critics argue that these amendments is to each institution's responsibility to enact its own rules on the matter.

Tom Ammiano was a teacher before entering politics. According to Wikipedia , he was even the first teacher in a public institution of San Francisco to publicly disclose their sexual orientation. That was in 1975.

Comment. A small step for the trans, and one giant leap for mankind!

Transgender people are indeed much or more than gays and lesbians, victims of discrimination and its consequences in Education: at best, school failure or dropout, at worst, suicide or attempted suicide. And not just in California.

Advocating the status quo and the laissez-faire, the opponents of the new California law become ipso facto by militants transphobia. Just as people who deny homosexuals the right to marry them are homophobic, some oratorical precautions they use to vent their hateful bile.

One of the arguments of those who are unaware transphobic is to pretend that it could traumatize children in the shower. Or it might give some young lustful ideas. Or that "girls cock" could unduly favour their sports team.

Nothing is for children and young adolescents, the pleasure of feeling good in her heart and in her body. Everything else is transphobia.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo (via The Economist August 17, 2013)


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