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In France, 99% of marriages are heterosexual

(Blogmensgo, August 28, 2013) Three months after the opening of marriage to gay and lesbians couples, 596 same-sex couples who married in the 50 largest French cities accounted for only 1% of all marriages in France.

But in the village of Asterix 99% of gay marriages. :) © Photoxpress.com / imagine.
But in the village of Asterix 99% of gay marriages. 🙂 © Photoxpress.com / imagine.

France has 36,680 towns and 10% of the population lives in the top 50, where marriages between persons of the same sex are about 5% of all marriages, according to unofficial statistics released by France Inter on August 27, 2013 .Official statistics for all of the Hexagon will not be known until the end of 2014.

It was in Paris that since May 29, 2013, was the most celebrated gay marriage. Of a total of 3,178 marriages, about 8.6% were same-sex couples, or 273 marriages between men or between women.  And 691 files on demand gay marriage filed May 19 to August 20, more than two third (505) were from male couples.

Paris, ahead

Nice figure is second largest city in France, far behind the capital with 37 gay marriages in three months. Toulouse (28) and Lyon (23) round out the top four.

Bordeaux and 18 lesbians and gay marriages are in the urban average of 5%. In Montpellier, where we celebrated the first gay marriage in France (see our article of 28 May 2013 ), only 16 same-sex couples have been married at 18 and lesbians or gay couples have to imitate the beginning of September.

It has also been married 16 gay couples in Strasbourg, or 4.5% of marriages between persons of the same sex. Same trend in Rennes, where only 3.87% of unions or marriages 7 181 involved sex couples.

Eight women and seven pairs of male couples were married in Marseilles since May 29

The less popular than the PACS marriage ... for now

In 1999, a month after the introduction of the Civil Solidarity Pact (PACS) in France, nearly 10,000 gay couples were officially united.

But in 2013, the homophobic agitation is such that many couples expect that homosexuality is more accepted by society and that homophobic cease Barnum. That is why it will probably wait until 2014 for the marriage between persons of the same sex to take its real growth in France.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo (via Le Monde and NouvelObs.com 27 August 2013)


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