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Mister Gay Europe 2013: 17 candidates for crown

(Blogmensgo, July 24, 2013) Not less than 17 try to succeed on 30 July 2013, the Spanish Miguel Ortiz for the title of Mister Gay Europe. The winner will be chosen by a jury in Prague and votes for the price of Internet users are already open.

Mister Gay Europe in brief:

  1. website
  2. Facebook page
  3. online voting
It makes you want to be herbivorous. ;) © MrGayEurope.com .
It makes you want to be herbivorous. 😉 © MrGayEurope.com .

I have already explained the conduct of the election in a rather synthetic way.

The list of 17 candidates is now complete, the Austrian and Swiss finalists were nominated July 20, 2013. It would be difficult to determine the exact chances of each candidate only saw itty bitty little suggestive and official stamps.

Note that the 2013 vintage is a showcase for thirty hand. No fewer than six candidates have at least 30 years (Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Czech Republic), against only four candidates 20 years or less (Finland, Northern Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden).The youngest is a Dutch 18 years older one German and one Danish 35 years.

Solely on the basis of official stamps and in order of appearance, my favorites are Patrick Santos (Austria), Jozef Hulina (Slovakia) and Teodor Fritiof Ingelhammar (Sweden). The intense gaze of Aleks Vehkala (Finland), the smile Cuvello Alessio (Italy) and the consensus profile Leroy Williamson (UK) worth of these three candidates an outsider card. And if it is the size that counts, then the Irishman Robbie Obara (1.89 m), the Swedish Fritiof Teodor Ingelhammar Columbia and Leroy Williamson (1.87 m each) are above the lot.

Personally, I voted for the huge forehead Italian Alessio Cuvello candidate. And you, who are you going to vote?

Note that a part of the official program will be broadcast live on the Internet.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

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