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Costa Rica unintentionally legalizes gay marriage

(Blogmensgo, July 16, 2013) Members of Costa Rica voted in second reading on 2 July 2013, a bill with a seemingly innocuous item legalizes ipso facto marriage between persons of the same sex.

And if Laura Chinchilla Miranda vetoed ... to homophobia? ;) © DR.
And if Laura Chinchilla Miranda vetoed ... to homophobia? 😉 © DR.

The Legislature has officially passed a new law on youth, according to the agenda ( PDF , cf. squib 163). Including the text amends section 242 of the Family Code of 1973, which stipulated that before marriage has legal value if between a man and a woman. The bill passed by 45 members no longer refers to the heterosexual couple.

The new text refers explicitly or same-sex or homosexuality. It gives the right to recognition "without discrimination contrary to human dignity" of social and economic benefits applicable to marriage for couples living common-law marriage for at least three years.

"This opens the door to the recognition of the rights of de facto unions formed by same-sex couples. There is an implied amendment of article 242 "of the Family Code governing cohabitation, said José María Villalta, MP registered under the label Broad Front (Frente Amplio, a small opposition party). Clearly, any couple - gay or straight - married for at least three years may be considered married and obtain the tax and financial benefits associated with marriage.

Socialist President Laura Chinchilla Miranda may invalidate the law as Head of State. This is what he asked several elected ( source | source ), the opposition MP Manrique Oviedo Party for Citizen Action (PAC Partido Acción Ciudadana) and his colleague from the ruling coalition Justo Orozco behalf of the Costa Rican Renovation (RC Renovación Costarricense).

Evangelist known for its notoriously homophobic views activist Oviedo voted in favor of the text without perceiving the subtle - or without having read it, according to his colleague Villalta.

Comment. In preparing this article, I learned from Wikipedia that Costa Rica has nothing to do with a banana republic. The state ten times less extensive than France could even give lessons in democracy to almost every country in the world. It remained for him to legalize gay marriage. This may be done in very little time.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca / MensGo (via 360 July 5, 2013)


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