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In the United States, LGBT do not marry as heterosexuals

(Blogmensgo, 14 July 2013) A gay or lesbian marriage is different from a heterosexual marriage? In the United States, a survey by The Advocate and The Knot, published on June 28, 2013, shows considerable differences of approach.

The survey, in brief analysis | computer graphics

Tell me how you get married, I'll tell you if you're gay ... ;) Click to enlarge. © Theknot.com.
Tell me how you get married, I'll tell you if you're gay ... 😉 Click to enlarge. © Theknot.com.

The survey of The Advocate and The Knot on the behavior of American couples to marriage shows a significant difference between lesbians and gays. These ladies are much more likely than men to respect these traditions, with demand very formal wedding, wedding ceremony before the altar, change the name of one of the two spouses.

However, the differences Gay / lesbians are minor compared to the quasi-cultural gap between LGBT straight in their attitude to marriage. While 76% of brides take their husband's name, not less than 62% of homosexual couples do not change any of the two names after marriage.

Traditional marriage, but not too

Equally divergent is the attitude of couples before marriage. If 91% of heterosexual couples plébiscitent marriage proposal and official engagement as a formalism concerns only 58% of gay couples. This figure of 58% certainly includes 16% who do everything in the rules of tradition, but also the 14% who put creativity in their marriage proposal. Similarly 40% of LGBT couples choose a wedding they "relaxed", against 16% of heterosexual couples.

There is also clear differences in relation to money. LGBT couples are twice as likely as heterosexuals to take their own wedding expenses couples: 86% against 40%. Perhaps this is due to the fact that in just a couple of the same sex in five (19%) hand of the future spouse's future parents-in-one application, whereas in straight, two pairs of three (67 %) follow this tradition.

The differences observed in the survey of The Advocate and The Knot also concern the officiating marriage and honeymoon. When American heterosexuals engage more readily religious marriage, gays prefer to go to a justice of the peace. And gays and lesbians, they sacrifice less to the tradition of the honeymoon, spend more money.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo (via The Advocate and The Knot , 28 June 2013)


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