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Venerabilis, gay ready community is angry

(Blogmensgo, 29 June 2013) The recent remarks of Pope Francis lambasting an alleged gay lobby and inviting President François (Holland) to repeal the "marriage for all" had the effect of seeing angry red in a collective ... gay priests.

Gays in the Catholic hierarchy? Only fools believe otherwise. © Venerabilis.
Gays in the Catholic hierarchy? Only fools believe otherwise. © Venerabilis.

This group exists since 2007. It's called Venerabilis and presents itself as the "Brotherhood of homosensible Catholic priests" or Homosensible cathololic priests fraternity according to its original name.

And since June 13, 2013, Venerabilis leads a response , mainly Italian and Twitter, to fight against the insinuations, amalgams and slander of the Catholic hierarchy in general, in particular Vatican.

Venerabilis explained June 15 receive more than 6,000 hits per day since June 13, with the key 56 entries in his Twitter feed , including 11 new members.

The members in question are priests who love men. In other words, homosexual priests who are looking to meet other gay priests. Moreover, the site Venerabilis resembles a traditional dating site, except that there is no picture or phone and that "ads" - placed under pseudo - avoid any allusion moved. A short-sighted lady patroness would not find anything wrong.

Venerabilis reports have also suffered attacks (Denial of Service) and hackers repeatedly. So much so that its hosted for years in the Polynesian islands of Tokelau (www.venerabilis.tk) site itself was recently confiscated by hackers. Similarly, the site moderators recommend they avoid exchanges by phone or SMS, too easy to track.

So the site retains its historic accommodation in Blogspot.com automatically redirected to Blogspot.fr. The "ads" and comments clear back to the years 2007 (Italian), 2008 (French, English), 2009 (Spanish) or 2010 (German). All this is more or less updated according to languages ​​(especially Italian). A forum space is maintained and expressed, too, especially Italian.

No ads "naughty", therefore, but everyone can read between the lines. And between some ads, criticizing comments made guilty of irreligion or cathophobie. The site also appears that gay is not so stingy with religious proselytizing.

But most of the site is outside of these ads. The site and its five language sections have also and especially chat rooms, ie chatrooms for virtual chat. Smilies are even provided, that is to say the desire of friendship between twomasturbation prayers.

I think I read that fraternity Venerabilis maintained its annual meeting in July 2013. Remember where I saw it or what date (can not find the message). It also seems to me that the meeting place of Catholic priests and prelates in the same building, but not on the same floor - the second, I think - a gay sauna.

Comment. Anyway, no big deal a priest in penance. You make me three Ave , two Pater and a lollipop.: Mrgreen:

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo (via all the Swiss press on 17 June 2013, with Le Matin , advantages Anzeiger and Tribune de Genève )


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