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Turkey and transsexuality: the big gap

(Blogmensgo, June 23, 2013) Thirteen young journalists from France deliver every Wednesday webzine whose title specifies the broadcast time: The Four hours . This "first French media info slow reconciles Web and great story "looked in one of his first three deliveries on trans people and transsexuality in Turkey. Edifying.

The Four Times | reportage Trans Turkey

Below, "Bir Ben Bir Allah Biliyor" video clip of the Turkish transsexual star Bülent Ersoy:

They are the "untouchables" of the profession: 90% of transgender people continue to engage in prostitution in Turkey, even though they are at much greater risk because brothels are reserved only for women who were born women. As a result, twenty trans victims each year where mutilation, castration and rape before death transphobic crimes.

Trans and prostitution maximum risk

If trans people are three times more numerous than elsewhere in Turkey, they are also more discriminated against, especially to find work. Prostitution is their only recourse, with corollaries raids muscular police, fines and that Jules Laforgue called "the sober and Vesper weekly mystery of health statistics in the newspapers" - in other words, the obituary.

The NGOs, including Istanbul LGBT and Lambda Istanbul , can only see the damage. The story of Four Hours explains the cause: police get bonuses on arrests and verbalizations for "outrage to public morals", as well as a car salesman receives a bonus whenever fourgué a car.

Turkish police said the weekly webzine, are not motivated by the virulent transphobia Turkish society, but by greed.

Adored the day, hated the night

In cases of violence or crimes against trans people, the perpetrators are almost never prosecuted. And when they are, they have systematic leniency on the part of police and justice.

If transgender people are generally stigmatized, some are however reached the status of an icon and a national star. The singer and actress Bülent Ersoy (whose site is inaccessible at the time I write this sentence) is the best known of all, so much so that even the army has failed to silence.  Note that the video clip, inserted at the beginning of the article, had already been viewed over 9.5 million times when I finish this paragraph.

The story of four hours , Axel signed and Julien Cadieux Mucchielli, cites examples of several other trans individuals who would hoisted an enviable position at the same time if they were not hated by Turkish society reluctant to recognize a right to be different. For more information, read the full report .

Comment. The story of two young journalists is both well written despite some clichés, interesting and informative. The clever layout, very graphic, beautifully interweaves text, photos and video interviews. Long interviews are carefully "split" into several modules, each of which is placed next to the text to which it relates.

We would have liked a reaction video of police or judicial hierarchy. To balance it out, but also to check whether the Turkish hierarchs are in defense, the kicking in touch or complete denial.

Some problems with multiple videos, or the sound image without scrolling (clip Bülent Ersoy), or that the video starts to delay, it is necessary to go to YouTube to see and hear what it s' about.

But media just out of cardboard, these few imperfections can not hide the qualities of the whole.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo (via France Info June 20, 2013)

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