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Bombay Talkies celebrates 100 years of Bollywood with a gay kiss

(Blogmensgo, June 8, 2013) The film Bombay Talkies , which hails the centenary of Indian cinema and shows its impact on the daily lives of people, addresses topics such as gender identity and love between two men. One of four short films that make up this film even has a gay kiss, one of the first Indian film in a large public.Bombay Talkies  : pages Facebook | Cannes 2013 | Wikipedia (UK)

Below, the trailer for Bombay Talkies  :


The short film "Ajeeb Dastaan ​​Hain Yeh" Karan Johar tells the story of a young gay, Avinash (Saqib Saleem), and a gay inassumé, Dev (Randeep Hooda). Avinash doing an internship in the magazine where Gayatri, wife of Dev work. Gayatri is shocked when Avinash told him being gay and she invites him to dinner with her husband, unaware that she will arise between the two men a relationship where the first kiss will not be without pain ... physical.

In Bollywood, one talkies ( walkie ) almost gay in the text. © DR.
In Bollywood, one talkies ( walkie ) almost gay in the text. © DR.

The director Zoya Akhtar refers in his short film "Sheila Ki Jawaani", the story of a 12 year old boy who wants to become a dancer while her father invested all his money to his son a great footballer. When his parents have his back turned, the boy dresses up as a girl and starts dancing.

Randeep Hooda is considered a hetero sex symbol in India. His kiss with Saqib Saleem was, however, greeted by applause in the halls of Indian cinema, by Nitin Karani, advocate of the LGBT community.

India does not shine by its openness to sexual diversity and its national cinema rarely puts gays and lesbians on the screen as such, except for the purpose of caricature. In the latter case, gays are presented as either crazy or as breakers heterosexual couples.

Owl, a marriage without homophobia during the honeymoon ... © Honeymoon Travels .
Owl, a marriage without homophobia during the honeymoon ... © Honeymoon Travels .

Only a few large public films had so far dealt with LGBT issues. Thus in 2007 Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd told it the trip low-cost wedding couples six or twelve people including two dreaming of forming a gay couple.

Two renowned directors have chosen to address LGBT themes in Bombay Talkies is more the exception than the rule in this country where the conservative mores still alive. Known actors and actresses usually do not want to jeopardize their career performing the roles of gays or lesbians "full", that is to say, not caricatures.

Comment. If Bombay Talkies gives the stereotype of gay breaker household, perhaps to appear more "credible".

Difficult to make a trailer for a mosaic of four short films. That of Bombay Talkies inconsistency, but it offers sumptuous images and most sublime music.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

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