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Meanwhile the Golden Palm at Cannes in 2013 …

(Blogmensgo, May 30, 2013) Homosexuality in the cinema? Nothing new. Homosexuality in the films in competition at Cannes? Nothing new either. Three films narrating bluntly gay or lesbians loves playing in the two main sections of the Cannes Film Festival  ? That's a great novelty.

Gauguin? No, Guiraudie. © Film diamond.
Gauguin? No, Guiraudie. © Film diamond.

LGBT-themed films in official competition are My Life with Liberace (Behind the Candelabra), Steven Soderbergh and Life Adele, Chapter 1 & 2 , Abdellatif Kechiche.Each had a mathematical chance in ten to win the Palme d'Or, as twenty films were nominated.  Palme d'Or for The life of Adele  ! In fact, the most coveted awards distinguished both Adelèle, Leah and Adbedellatif, that is to say, the two main actors and the film's director, Berenice Bejo who received the Best Actress (for The past of Iranian director Asghar Fahradi) Life Adele still could therefore obtain the highest honor the winners of the official competition can not mention a movie once. Hence the Palme d'Or which rewards both a movie, a director and his two main performers.]

And in the popular section "Un certain regard" Strangers on a lake Alain Guiraudie was in principle a chance seventeen enter his name in the history. The French director has obtained the price of staging, which is in third place. But the film has done alone, more noise than all its competitors combined.



Liberace (Michael Douglas, to r.): A life of music hall ... and ass. © Festival de Cannes.
Liberace (Michael Douglas, to r.): A life of music hall ... and ass. © Festival de Cannes.

Gay blowjobs and blue hair

Danish director Thomas Vinterberg, who chaired the jury of the Un Certain Regard section, was excited about the films in competition: "Clay Figurines, extreme beauty, violence, gay blowjobs , systematic humiliation of human nature, legs Lea Seydoux , great imitation of Brando are the only pictures that we will continue for a long time. "(My italics).

It is often said that the president of the jury is likely to "make" alone a gold palm or an entire record. This is the American filmmaker Steven Spielberg who chairs the 2013 edition. So the two LGBT films in official competition had nothing to fear from this side, since Spielberg is ostensibly friendly or assumed patron of gay marriage.

But what then speak these three films? On homosexuality, gay or lesbian desire or sex. The film Kechiche and especially that of Guiraudie not trying to hide that disturb more than one homophobic. It even appears that the explicit sex scenes filmed in Strangers on a lake had to be doubled by hunks.

Without provocation or activism

Today, when it comes to pluck the rose or bake banana, straight theater is no longer to fiddle with the hand or cheek, or to make an ellipse or a cutting plane on a flower pot or a banana.Why not gay or lesbian movies do would not it be the same? The difference between yesterday and today is threefold: today's greatest filmmakers - and their producers - do not hesitate to invest on gay issues without provocation or spirit of activism, they shoot without "effects cage aux folles "nor outrageous shots and finally and most importantly, their films are not programmed in ghettos sections.

Life of Adele , Abdellatif Kechiche

Yes, but What are these movies? Kechiche says all he did not want to make a film about homosexuality, or make note of militancy or even shoot a strictly homosexual relationship through the life of Adele ( website | Facebook page ). It turns out that the two protagonists are lesbians.


And Adele (left). Loved Emma ... © Wild Bunch, Threepenny Films, France 2 Cinema, Scope Pictures, RTBF, Vertigo.
And Adele (left). Loved Emma ... © Wild Bunch, Threepenny Films, France 2 Cinema, Scope Pictures, RTBF, Vertigo.

The director wanted to show especially the birth and the expression of love and desire, the formation and evolution of a couple. This film is an adaptation of a comic Julie Maroh, Blue is a warm color . Blue hair is Emma (Léa Seydoux), a young woman whose high school student 15 years, Adele (Adele Exarchopoulos), falls in love when she thought straight. Kechiche not only to film a link, it captures all eyes: the eyes of desire, the looks exchanged between the two young women and the way society looks at their relationship.

Table La Tour? No, movie Kechiche. © as above.
Table La Tour? No, movie Kechiche. © as above.


Life Adele is the film most frequently cited for a Palme d'Or. I do not know if it was obtained at the time of writing this paragraph. Interpretation of Adele Exarchopoulos seems to have packed all journalists from the Croisette. According to several clips from the film (including here and here ), it is unlikely that it fills the screen, the question remains whether his performance "shall" for three hours during which the film. Anyway, the movie will probably got more than one prize before its official release in France on 9 October 2013.

Behind the Candelabra (My Life With Liberace), Steven Soderbergh

My Life with Liberace evokes the connection between Wladziu Valentino Liberace (1919-1987) and a much younger man, Scott Thorson. The king of music-hall is played by Michael Douglas (houses Liberace and father Douglas were almost neighbors), while Matt Damon plays her lover. Trailer here.

In real life, Liberace always denied that he was gay. It was instituting proceedings to anyone who said homosexual. This is exactly what has prompted most Jerry Weintraub to produce the film, he says in the press: "I wanted to make a film that shows our evolution, which shows the progress of the human species, our country, the world, in relation to this issue. In some places, unions between same-sex couples are now recognized and accepted. Being gay is much more stigmatized. "

Little known in Europe, Liberace was the highest paid artist in the United States, both on the stages of vaudeville to television, where he hosted his own show. The hallmark of Liberace was a candelabra, as recalled in the original title of the film. The virtuoso pianist (he had his moment of glory as an interpreter of Liszt) and showman foreshadowed by his talent, his eccentricity and sense of foil both Elton John and the late Freddie Mercury.

Steven Soderbergh has already won the Palme d'Or at Cannes (in 1989, Sex, lies and video ) and no longer has its Oscars. Movies Abellatif Kechiche have already received eight Caesars.Both men have the caliber to win any game palms in Cannes. The jury must choose between the intimacy of Adele and foil Liberace, unless another film award.

The unknown lake , Alain Guiraudie

The unknown Lake also tells a story of love, passion Franck (Pierre Deladonchamps) to poison Michel (Christophe Paou). Frank, 40, is torn between his chaste relationship with Henri (Pascal Assumçao) and having sex with Michael. Everything happens near a lake, but nothing to do with The Lake House by Mark Rydell.

One thing is sure, the film by Alain Guiraudie be prohibited under 16 when it was released in French cinemas on 12 June 2013. Another thing certain, critical newspapers and magazines French loved this movie, except for two that were probably put off by too explicit or too gay content.

Adele, first of 2013

But the three films of interest and even of all films screened at Cannes in 2013 at two major competitions, it is definitely Life Adele has the most packed critics, as suggested by the table above, borrowed from the French Film .

Click to enlarge. © The French film.
Click to enlarge. © The French film.

It will be observed almost concurrently between the adoption of the French law allowing gay marriage and keeping the Cannes Film Festival. Coincidence, some will argue. Except that the programming of the festival is no coincidence.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

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