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The Church of Scotland have accepted the ordination of homosexuals

The Church of Scotland is sponsored by either H & M or Zara. © Church of Scotland .
The Church of Scotland is sponsored by either H & M or Zara. © Church of Scotland.

(Blogmensgo, May 28, 2013) The Presbyterian Church of Scotland, held on May 20, 2013 the annual general meeting, voted by 340 votes against 282 in favor of the ordination of gays and lesbians. The entry into force and how the text will be defined by the General Assembly in 2014.

In 2011, the same General Assembly had declared a moratorium on the ordination of gay ministers, while accepting openly gay or lesbians ministers were appointed before 2009.

The motion adopted in 2013 states that homosexuality is both consistent and contrary to the doctrine of the Church, and that each community (parish council) will therefore be free to accept or reject.

Anything and everything

In fact, the motion adopted means that homosexuality is contrary to "the historical and current doctrine of the Church and [to] practice," but it "authorizes the Priests' Council who wish to stand out from the doctrine and this practice to do so. "

This motion was eventually preferred the three motions in contention, which is proposed to refuse the ordination of gay ministers, or to accept their ordination or to accept the ordination of gays and lesbians while allowing some communities refuse any ordination of homosexuals.

One openly gay clergyman in Scotland

Scott Rennie is the only openly gay minister of worship in the Church of Scotland. He welcomed this "compromise resulting from an initiative of the traditionalist wing of the Church" for the space that opens to the ministers of gay and lesbians worship.

Comment. these brave Scottish clergymen are loving Jesuitism. Thus the decision she managed the feat of pussyfoot, to be passed immediately and indefinitely postponed the Scottish, satisfy homophobic and homosexuals.

Further evidence of Jesuitism in the 2013 Blue Book of the General Assembly (PDF, cf. page 20). It "reaffirms the opinion of the General Assembly in 2011 that homophobia is a sin, while affirming that homophobic is not the expression of an opinion that homosexual acts are contrary to the revealed will of God. " And there "recognizes that homosexual orientation in itself is not an obstacle to Church responsibilities, including the ministry of the Word and Communion, the diaconate and seniority."

We should therefore welcome this General Assembly goat and cabbage? Rejoice as a glass half full or half empty. Presbyterian glass, I think, is three-quarters empty. It is part of a sleight of hand that is to say that homosexuality is not acceptable except for those who think it is.

In short, it will take much to convert me. : P

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Philca & Matt / MensGo (via BBC News)


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