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Here is hoping for a Pride season in France without rain

To see the true zolie card, you click on it.  © Interpride France.
To see the true zolie card, you click on it. © Interpride France.

(Blogmensgo, May 27, 2013) The gay pride season has officially kicked off in France on May 25, 2013. The festive season will end on July 20 in Marseille, after a decade as dense as dance . We hope the sun will be a big part - but it's a bad start in the month of May when the weather says "Put down your ..."

Where are they and what are the websites of Gay Pride events in France?  The long solution is to identify one by one the site of the Gay Pride Tours , and that of the Gay Pride and Europride Marseille , then all others.  (The official terminology called these events "LGBT Pride March" or "Lesbian and Gay Pride," but I'll stick to Gay Pride because I am neither official nor Terminologist.)  The short answer is to visit our partner, Coordination InterPride France (CIF).

Interactive map (right column) and timing (clickable left column) of all French Gay Pride can be found in our friends in the CIF. Will get a click every event.

Despite the recent green light from the Constitutional Council in the future law on the "marriage for all", the French LGBT parades continue to adopt a speech in protest over their festive postulate. The slogan will no longer be "Marriage for All" or even "Equality for all" but "at the end of equality for LGBT rights."

No one yet knows what the weather will be July 20 at the parade Marseille or even June 29 when the onlooker will sweepeardrumsby revelers at the parade Paris . However, there is no need to be psychic to predict - alas! - A cold and rainy journey on May 25 in Tours and Tuesday evening, in a few minutes to Paris-Bastille, during a concert for which Mika try to steal the show in the rain. Update. Well no! The rain was not invited to this concert attended by some thirty-five thousand people ... ( source | source | source )]

Cold and rainy? Good opportunity to get out ... covered.;)

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo


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