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General homophobia in French football

Blogmensgo, May 2, 2013) The researcher and sports psychologist Anthony Mette unveiled April 30, 2013, the analysis of homophobia in professional football he coordinated on behalf of Paris Foot Gay (the club 10 years this year) and with the financial support of Randstad (available here , password foot ).

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Players who "declared hostile thoughts toward homosexuals" are 41% in the professional ranks, 50% in the training centers and all sports, 8% in the amateur ranks.

Without comment. Click to enlarge. © PFG.
Without comment. Click to enlarge. © PFG.

Fear of gay in the shower

If a teammate came to his coming out, 63% of professional football players and 73% of the training center say they would be surprised to see break such a taboo. Result, 55% of players in training would be afraid to take a shower in the presence of a gay player, 22% would prefer to change teams and even 23% would fear a lesser team performance.

According to Anthony Mette, players are however largely in favor of the idea of ​​having a gay teammate and consider primarily for its sports capital and not his homosexuality.

Anthony Mette explains homophobia training centers by their isolation context (or even imprisonment), competition and aggression.


The referees also!

How to remedy this situation? By educating coaches and training them better on the subject, the report says. Repellini Pierre, who runs a coaching union (Unecatef) But it fails to training best suited against homophobia and said that kids willingly practice verbal homophobia without malice.

Coordinated by Anthony Mette study reports that the players do not have a monopoly on homophobia. Between referees also homophobic behaviors are perennials.

There are two and a half years, France inaugurated a national charter against homophobia in sport (see our article of October 25, 2010 ) that has hardly changed behavior on the pitch and in the stands. Only a professional football club of five signed the charter.


Sanctions nonexistent

Methodology. Studying Anthony Mette looked at 13 clubs (Ligue 1, Ligue 2, National) and 363 athletes, including 121 professional players, 129 players at the training center and 113 athletes constituting a control group. The anonymous questionnaire included a hundred questions about discrimination in general, few issues are devoted to homosexuality. Survey conducted from September 2012 to February 2013.

Comments. In France, the sanctions against top players for homophobic behavior can be counted on the fingers of one hand very amputated because homophobia is not considered unsportsmanlike as well as racism . As for sanctions for abuses homophobic fans, they are almost as rare.

It is different in other countries.  In December 2012, for example, a Swedish club did not hesitate to sack all players active homophobia ( source ).  In Germany, the official authorities are preparing the ground for footballers would come out (see our article of March 7, 2013 ).

The report underlines the PFG homophobic behavior falls under the personal thought of copy and paste. If the big brother or big athlete claims of fag break, kids training center do the same. If the big brother and especially the most famous footballers were the opposite, it is certain that much of the kids imitate. Is it still the most quoted players deign to engage fully against homophobia.

There is also no doubt that the outrageous behavior of some leaders and commentators obese adversely affects the attitude of the kids.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo (via 20 Minutes of April 29 and NouvelObs.com April 30)


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