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In France, senior and Poz: no retreat for HIV

Even with white teeth, you can reveal to you Poz. © OraQuick (OraSure) .
Even with white teeth, you can reveal to you Poz. © OraQuick (OraSure) .

(Blogmensgo, May 3, 2013) Two studies on HIV over 60 years, presented April 19, 2013, seniors are in France 10% of HIV receiving specific care to HIV / AIDS. But the study of the association aids and the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) of the Ministry of Health does not always overlap.

DGS interviewed 54 HIV-positive people 60 years or older. Aids (brief overview here ) interviewed 52 HIV aged 50 years.

The study of DGS emphasizes the quality and comprehensiveness of care received. Patients 60 years or more have a higher course their cadets by the fact that median income were contaminated after 30 years, so after a period of work in principle without serious illness. But they are also entitled to free medical care, thanks to the French principle of long-term illness (ALD), which provides support to 100% without having to pay for care.  's Aides said for his part that one in five patients is little or not at all satisfied with his medical history, lack of dialogue, listening and quality monitoring.

Premature aging

In aid, it highlights the fact that such pathology involves premature aging: "The age-related diseases appear from 50 years while the average is 65 for the general population," says the association. Those interviewed by Aids highlight the problems of fatigue and its impact on everyday life.  Instead, the DGS is a tendency to report better health than we are, believing that the effects of HIV are only due age.

Self-tests, it is better than nothing

Let's use this article to point out, with the arrival in France of "self-tests to screen for HIV infection", that most players now agree on a minimum consensus: yes to tests, as they are likely to strengthen case detection and thus to report HIV infections before they report themselves, but only as a supplementary self-tests, that is to say, a self-test, even negative, is not replace a full classical screening.  's  National AIDS Council ( NAC , cf.'s official position updated in March 2013) and the Ministry of Health, but also aids and Act Up-Paris in fact believe today self-tests are likely to reach an audience previously unavailable or unwilling to traditional information and prevention campaigns.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo

(via The World April 9 [Autotest] and Le Figaro April 19 [Senior])


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