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France legalises gay marriage

(Blogmensgo, April 24, 2013) The French National Assembly finally adopted the draft law "marriage for all" in the second reading, April 23, 2013, by 331 votes for, 225 votes against and 10 abstentions. France thus becomes the fourth country in the world and ninth in Europe to legalize marriage between same sex couples.

Law: Text provisional | synthesis NouvelObs.com

Some 136 hours and 46 minutes of debate in the National Assembly - more than fifty hours in the Senate - have been needed to scrutinize more than 8,000 amendments tabled in the National Assembly or the Senate.

The vote puts an end to several months of often stormy, sometimes ignoble parliamentary debate, interspersed with incidents and even clashes within the walls of the chamber. Here is a brief summary video of the final session

Two anecdotes illustrate how Parliament is electrified during the sessions of the day or night devoted to marriage between persons of the same sex. First, the two main points of friction have been medically assisted procreation (MAP) and the management to others (GPA), even though the text of the bill does nothing evoked Second, no less than three fervent opponents of the project Law voted in favor inadvertently including more Henri Guaino, author of a hodgepodge published by "Editions de l'Union" (my supermarket down the street has not sold a single copy c is the mean value of this booklet).

Referral to the Constitutional Council by the opposition auusitôt after the vote in the National Assembly, is unlikely to invalidate the statute as a whole. The high court had suggested in fact, two years ago (see our article of 28 January 2011 ), it is the legislature, not the guardians of the Constitution that it is shaping societal changes in one way or another. All constitutional interviewed after the passage of the law - especially Guy Carcassonne, whose analysis was unequivocal - felt almost zero probability of a global invalidation of the law.

The same experts were hardly less emphatic about the half-dozen points of law that the UMP would present to the wise.

The sages of the rue Montpensier announce their decision within a month, so at the end of May 2013. Soon after, President Francois Hollande promulgate the law "marriage for all". The first gay marriages may be celebrated in mid-June, before the publication of banns is at least ten days before the wedding.

Many providers want to take advantage of the opportunity and strive to already add gay marriage to their range of services. From this Saturday, April 27, in Paris, held on the living G-Day of gay marriage . Hopefully this will not be a copy-paste of straight marriage.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

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