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The canton of Geneva more advanced than Vaud against homophobia in schools

(Blogmensgo, April 2, 2013) The circular sent in autumn 2011 by the Department of Education for school leaders to encourage them to fight against homophobia (see our article of October 12, 2011 ) seems have had more side effects than Geneva Lausanne.

"There were exhibitions, but no group of students has created to raise this issue" in Lausanne or in the canton of Vaud, says Florent Jouinot, association VoGay in the section that I use source.

Same story on the side of Dialogai whose homophobia project manager, Michael Hausermann, leading the smallness of resources allocated by the school administration associations against homophobia.

Outcry...so tolerant! ©Tollé
Outcry...so tolerant! ©Tollé

Geneva and canton, however, are less greedy initiatives. This is College de Saussure , Geneva, what was done the first initiatives (see also our article of 24 September 2012 ).

In fact, it seems that Outcry ( Facebook page ) is the first initiative from perennial students themselves. Is a collective outcry - created by and for students - that "develops awareness and discussion on the theme of LGBT College de Saussure." The fight against homophobia figure prominently on the agenda of Outcry and its founder, Giulio B., aged 19, also amounts to Saussure.

Comment. Must be surprising delay in the canton of Vaud in the fight against homophobia?Seen from the outside, one would imagine that this district - where VoGay and MensGo actively fight against homophobia - is idyllic to the LGBT community.

But Vaud authorities may have the same degree of involvement, as we noted three years ago about a report very lax.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo

(via 20 Minutes of 1 st  April 2013)


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