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How Peter Mercurio and Danny Stewart adopt a baby found in the subway

(Blogmensgo, 15 March, 2013) Peter Mercurio and boyfriend Danny Stewart were married in Manhattan in July 2012. Places of honor were occupied by two unusual characters: their adopted son Kevin, 12, and the judge who, twelve years ago,  suggested to adopt the child. Kevin has lived and by adoption "came into the world" in a very unusual manner, says screenwriter and playwright Peter Mercurio in the New York Times of 28 February 2013.

It all started twelve years ago in the New York subway. Danny discovers a newborn swaddled in a large T-shirt. And abandoned. He calls the emergency services who believe it to be a hoax, he called his companion Peter, who comes immediately. The couple collect and receive the child until the court found him a foster family.

The hearing was held three months later. Danny tells how he found, collected and received the child with Peter. Then follows an unusual dialogue that Peter Mercurio could write as follows in one of his plays:
Justice - Would you like to adopt this child?
Danny - Yes. But I know it is not that simple.
Justice - It can be.
And immediately, the judge began a process of adoption of little Kevin by Peter and Danny. On a hunch, as later confessed. The procedure lasted only a few weeks instead of the usual nine months.

Peter Mercurio was then an unknown author and Danny had a poorly paid job. The couple even hosted a roommate in order to pay the rent. But the two men loved each other, they lived together for three years and they were loving parents shown in the past few days they took care of the baby. And that the judge had immediately understood. This is why the first Christmas of his life, Kevin spent at the family home became a few weeks later, his adoptive family.

Ten years later, the New York State legalized gay marriage.  Peter and Danny chose to wait another year before the wedding.

"And if you asked the judge? "This is Kevin who initiated the idea. And the two people most people most excited by this marriage were none other than Kevin and judge.

Danny and Peter never have hidden from Kevin how they have come to know, love and adopte him. Kevin will become, by proxy, a theatrical character. Found the central character * (based on a true story). The author, of course, is Peter Mercurio.
* Found (based on a true story).

Below is a teaser of the future play:


Comment. Philca Found this story by chance while browsing on Ouèbe. About this, or preparations for a  homophobic demonstration, or a new pope probably not very homophile? The choice was quickly made.  Interesting how we are made out by radical groups to be such awful parents, when you can see by example...
Peter Mercurio does not reveal the identity of the judge. Probably to preserve her tranquility. Too bad, we would have liked to send her flowers.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo
(via Magic Maman of 5 march 2013)

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