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The city of Brighton adopt gender neutral toilets

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(Blogmensgo, February 18, 2013) The council of Brighton & Hove (southern England) is preparing to build four new cafés and public toilets that are "gender neutral", evidenced by signage depicting a man, a woman and a child, of course creating an outcry...I am wondering if the outcry comes from gay friendly Brighton or further afield to those who would not be affected anyway. 

According to conservative politicians (opposition), the initiative of the council is a politically correct excessive and intended to meet only the LGBT community in general, and particularly transgender. The decision would follow the findings of a mission carried out in 2012 on municipal transgender people.

The study in 2012, published in January 2013, confirms the importance of the transgender community in Brighton. Of the 40,000 people who belonged to the LGBT community of Brighton in 2006, about 5% reported being transgender.  "Gender neutral" toilets are wanted in order to make transgender people feel they do not have to belong to any specific genre as they do not necessarily feel comfortable as a man or as a woman. 
(Conclusions 2012 study PDF here , cf. page 10, Recommendation No. 22 on public toilets).

The City Council of Brighton & Hove states, however, in a statement undated, that it replaces the word "unisex" as "gender neutral" in order to comply with the provisions of the Equality Act. But the statement said, the municipality has used the term "gender neutral since the beginning of last year and this expression is increasingly used."

Comment. conservative opposition challenges especially the price of the renovation of four public toilets on the seafront: 140,000 pounds, or 163,000 euros. And the opportunity to stigmatize without seeming a community inconspicuous!!

Anyway, Brighton & Hove is a city that is gay-friendly with one of the largest LGBT communites in Europe...I find it commendable that the local authority are trying to make changes to keep up with its community. 

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo
(via The Telegraph January 17 and Le Figaro on 18 January 2013)


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