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A large minority of French uncomfortable with homosexual couples

(Blogmensgo, February 14, 2013) According to an Ifop poll for Femme actuelle (a French weekly) of 6 February 2013 on the unusual couples, the French state not being "uncomfortable" with the homosexual couples, but a significant minority of respondents expressed discomfort.

Lesbian couple
French people who are feeling uncomfortable… should buy a new couch. ©Photoxpress.com/Dmitri Mikitenko.

The survey asked: “Each of the following types of couples putting you uncomfortable?”
A couple composed of two men is 43% of French uncomfortable against 57% saying not being uncomfortable. Discomfort for 48% of men, while it does not bother that 38% of women.
A lesbian couple is uncomfortable 41% of respondents against 59% who do not experience any discomfort. Again men are 43% to be bothered by female homosexuality, against 40% of women.

Other forms of atypical couples the French are "uncomfortable" in similar proportions. For example, couples where the woman is much older than the man put 41% of French people uncomfortable (against 59% who say not to be so). But when it is the man who is much older than the woman, does such a couple uncomfortable that 33% of respondents, while 67% do not experience any discomfort.

[Online Survey conducted from January 12 to 15, 2013, with 1215 people major French, according to the quota method.]

Comment. pity that details of the survey are not available online at the time this article was written.  I'm curious to see if the questionnaire included more detailed questions, if only to check out what, precisely, is the brave French "uncomfortable" about.

The fact that the survey was conducted online, but also and especially just before, during and after the homophobic demonstrations were held on January 13 - that's a double bias unlikely to strengthen a priori credibility of such a survey.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo

(via the entire French press on 6 February 2013, which NouvelObs.com )

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