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Barack Obama gives LGBT friendly speech.

In fact, Obama swears on the Bible that the Bible is wrong ... © Whitehouse / DR.
In fact, Obama swears on the Bible that the Bible is wrong ... © Whitehouse / DR.

(Blogmensgo, January 22, 2013) Barack Obama became on January 21, 2013, the first president to openly take a position in favor of LGBT rights in a speech of investiture

The head of the U.S. state does not merely engage in favor of gay marriage. He did in the presence of nine members of the Supreme Court, before whom he was sworn in, and examine the question of marriage between persons of the same sex on 26 and 27 March 2013 (see our article of 12 December 2012) .

President Obama took the opportunity to point out the similarities between the rights of blacks, women and LGBT. He went on to mention, in the same sentence, the symbolic names of Seneca Falls (1848, women's rights), Selma (1965, black rights) and Stonewall (1969, gay rights).

Obama said, now we do! © DR.
Obama said, now we do! © DR.

"Our journey will not end until our homosexual brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else in the eyes of the law," Obama insisted, "because it is true that we are born equal, then the love that we promise must also necessarily be accompanied by equality. '

During his speech he read from the famous Martin Luther-King’s speech ‘I have a dream’.

Comment. A very special inaugural speech and not only its historical dimension. It was also, I think a visionary speech.

Barack Obama is no longer the warm support of the LGBT community. It further militates backwards and is now committed to bottom in the battle for universal equality of rights, starting from 2013 the right to gay marriage.

Should we see a desire to influence the Supreme Court, the proceedings of March will be followed by a formal advisement until June? This is probably true, at least in a way indirect.  There we see a willingness to support the changing societal United States, where the population is now largely favorable to gay marriage? This is probably true, at least to some extent.

But rather than support the company, Obama now prefers to precede, rather than to pioneer and follow.

The inaugural speech has also and above all given President Obama a single point: posterity. As for his second and final term, Obama has more than one challenge, the applicant's name at the highest in the history of the United States and civilization.

He can do it.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca / MensGo

(Via all the press on 21 January 2013, including The Point and Los Angeles Times)





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