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Gay Anglican priests can become bishops providing they are chaste

There's no picture: God is love, officiants are negative. © Churchofengland.org.
There's no picture: God is love, officiants are negative. © Churchofengland.org.

(Blogmensgo, January 10, 2013) The Anglican Church has authorized in the UK on January 4, 2013 gay priests who are within a "civil partnership" (local version of the PACS) to become bishops, subject to remaining chaste. The decision does not apply to women (who do not have the right to become bishops) or heterosexuals. Previously, the only theoretically likely to become gay bishops should not necessarily be single.

The decision to accept gay bishops within PACS was taken in December 2012. "The priests [PACS] that conform to the Church's teaching on sexuality are likely to be candidates for the episcopate," said a statement from the Anglican Church.

The decision to accept the ordination of gay bishops has been variously commented within the Anglican hierarchy: traditionalists of course see a danger.

Comment. A religion that prohibits women to aspire to the same charges and honors a man, a religion that prohibits lesbians to seek the same charges and honors gay, a religion that forbids gay bishops the same rights as married bishops a religion that prohibits gay bishops or priests to live within their sexuality as their heterosexual counterparts can fornicate as they see fit - such a religion is nothing but a vector of active discrimination, homophobia, segregation, apartheid.

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(via Huffington Post, January 4, 2013)

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