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The association Refuge received three times more calls in 2012

(Blogmensgo, January 9, 2013) The national helpline of the French association Refuge received 434 calls in 2012 against 146 calls in 2011. Refuge, which aims to help young gay and lesbians in the midst of family breakdown, estimated by its president Nicolas Noguier the tripling of calls is due to "homophobia that was already latent in society".

The Refuge: Website | Facebook

The number of calls has increased significantly since November 2012, when began the debate on marriage for all in France. In December 2012, the association received 212 calls, 31 of those calls were made on Christmas Eve.

The motivation of calls has changed compared to previous years. While they originated before gays and lesbians outted to direct family (on the occasion of a coming out or discovering their homosexuality), appeals, especially since the end of 2012, more concern over situations breaking out in indirect sharp criticism against the bill on gay marriage on the part of families, and also classmates.

This results in "a higher number of attacks and a lot of discomfort," says Nicolas Noguier in a brief interview with RTL (link below).

There is a "significant increase in members and donors in 2012," says the president of the Refuge, however, on the Facebook page of the association, while regretting that the French Government has not taken any action to prevent awareness of the recent "externalization of homophobia."

Comment. If homosexuality is a little more accepted in France, the most visceral homophobia are not remotely provided. The survey results revealed by Ifop on January 3, 2013 by Weekly Current Values ​​(ranked far right) show, in the form of a silhouette, a worrying continuation of the homophobic climate.

69% of respondents - a question directed itself enough - say that it is necessary to hold a referendum on marriage and adoption for all homoparental couples is indeed a sign of no pluralistic concern. Quite the contrary. Except rare exceptions, sensitive societal issues - by debate or controversy - are unable to overcome the obstacle when the referendum comes as the company is still more conservative and cautious than it claims to be. This is the case in France and almost everywhere else. If we had to stick to a referendum, France would never have abolished the death penalty and allowed the right to abortion.

And the same would apply to gay marriage. If the idea of​a referendum on the issue won with 86% of the line close to the UMP and 84% of the extreme right near the FN, not less than 55% of supporters said they left them as favorable to such a referendum.

Furthermore the context of a question wording is sometimes questionable, respondents are largely unaware of how a referendum is the preferred populists, who more readily use to validate draconian options that will materialize for progressivism society.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo

(Via BFM TV and RTL January 2, January 3, 2012)

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