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Gore Vidal is dead after offering his credentials to homosexuality in literature

Gore Vidal. No wonder he has accumulated conquests ... © Wikipedia / Carl Van Vechten.

(Blogmensgo, August 6, 2012) American writer Gore Vidal, 86, died July 31, 2012 with the aftermath of pneumonia. Novelist, essayist and screenwriter, Vidal become known in 1948 with the publication of his third novel, The City and the Pillar, about the homosexual romance of Jim Willard and Bob Ford. The book was very daring for its time, a scandal in America in a pool of juice puritanism and homophobia.

After a slump (during which he wrote especially for a television show called Philco), the romantic career of Gore Vidal returned to the fore in the sixties and seventies, especially in 1968 through Myron / Myra, the transsexual and hero of comedy Myra Breckinridge to which he gave later a sequel Myron.

Vidal has especially marked the literary history of the twentieth century by an important activity as an essayist, literary and political columnist (grand son of Senator and Democratic ostensibly), memoirist and polemicist. His quarrels with Norman Mailer, within columns, madea buzz for years.

Known for his caustic writing (see the excerpts) even spiteful, for his rants and his attacks to the punch, Vidal had focused his harshest blows against the champions of homophobia (including William F . Buckley Jr, obscurely known writer in the U.S. and elsewhere unknown) and against George W. Bush, whom he considered "the dumbest man in the United States."(The United States dominates the world, George W. may therefore be regarded as the worst moron on the planet.)The literary value and stylistic qualities of Gore Vidal suffered a double label "gay writer" and "historical novel", a tad simplistic. This is especially gear that Vidal would have been a ladies man, with his conquests among the self-proclaimed writer Anais Nin and actress Joanne Woodward. Gore Vidal himself, in his helpful obituary in The New York Times, claimed to have had more adventures with 1000 men and women before reaching the age of 25.

Anyway, it is with a man, Howard Austen, he lived for over half a century which forty years was in a villa in the Amalfi Coast on the Gulf of Salerno, Italy. The two lovers, according to Vidal, would never slept together. They now have plenty of time to catch up, at Rock Creek Cemetery in Washington, where Howard has been since 2003.

("Homosexuality is as natural as heterosexuality. Note that I used the word" natural "and not normal.")
Gore Vidal, quoted by Wikipedia.

Gore Vidal's personality might remind that of Christopher Hitchens, who died prematurely a few months ago. Both were brilliant essayists in the finely crafted prose, largely multilingual, immensely erudite, fiercely ironic, atheists, and left completely incorruptible. The difference may be due to the characters: Hitchens knew as much to be modest without humility and conscious of his neighbor as himself, as Vidal was immodest, conceited, steeped in pride, puffed up with ego and insensitive to anyone who was not gravitated in his galaxy.

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