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MensGo, novelties for more fun

(Blogmensgo, July 27, 2012) The social network offering an international gay portat - MensGo, since July 2012, has added a half dozen new features to improve the online experience of its members. We want to remind you that registration is free to MensGo.

A rogue's gallery for more visibility
The Meetings tab is one of eight tabs that appear when you connect to the home page of MensGo. Under this tab now appears, a sub-tab Profiles Board. It shows pictures of course, but with one more feature.

Within the rogue's gallery you can view pictures of other members. By default, the photo of the members who would like to know you better and meet you. You can then (see screenshot below), for each member who is interested in you, say so by clicking this member interests you, if it's out of the question or if you prefer to decide later.

(I apologise in advance, the screenshots are in French, but as you well know, MensGo is available in English).

The rogue's gallery also works the other way. The same tab also includes a subtab All members, from which you can select members by multiplying the sort criteria: by date of registration or login, by popularity, by gender, by age, by countries, etc.. Each profile photo gives access to a popup window to a whole series of interactions. A single click allows you to "select" one member, who will then in the sub-tab bring up who is interested in him, with the possibility of click / reciprocal voting.

A safe and effective way to make beautiful meetings!

Play-list on MensGo digital jukebox

A new icon, that of a jukebox (photo below), is accessible from the homepage in the right column. You click on it and it starts. But do not expect the oldies. Only have rights of citizenship for MensGo music mixed by the best DJs of the moment.

In the window that opens automatically, each member can choose their background music before going to fill their ears.

A win-win choice. The ears are happy, and it allows our DJ friends to share their latest innovations for an informed public that you are the jewel, little patapon. You can as well, O jewel little patapon, continue to surf MensGo listening to music.

The tool is being launched. There is no need to sound its sponsors to guess that the jukebox does not play classical music.


Here is another interesting novelty. As you click on the photo of a member's profile, a pop-up menu offers you chat with this member. The profile photo is accompanied by a bubble GoChat (photo below) green if the member is online, gray if absent. However, we can click on the bubble - whatever color - leave a message and it will be brought to his attention at its next connection.

Bulimics to chat will be delighted to learn they can also chat simultaneously with several members, but with a GoChat window for each conversation. And to navigate the chat icon turns red when a caller has sent a reply not yet read.

The same GoChat green bubble appears in the toolbar at the bottom and right of the browser. It includes the history of chat sessions, with ability to delete or to copy items.

MensGo Clubbing Galleries offer more

The most dramatic recent development in the true sense of the term, for the space of MensGo Clubbing Galleries, which flashes green when connected to the site.

Until now, there was the photo galleries of events which were from MensGo partners or supporter.
For some time each photo is clickable, zoomable / dézoomable on the fly, viewable in a dedicated space (see photo below) and exported to social networks Facebook and Twitter. You can also view photos in a new window or tab, for comfort.

The whiskers of Claude-Andre (left). Do not fear the heat ... © MensGo.

Graphic effects related to the photos are signed Cooliris. It's cool for your iris, so for your eyes to little patapon!

Note that the creation and modification events are strictly reserved to the profiles of persons (corporations or associations). This is also the case for location-based guide future events, as developers at MensGo are putting together the finishing touches despite the summer heat.

So MensGo? Yes we go!

Matt / MensGo



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