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Entertainment Weekly: The new Disney heroine a lesbian?

(BlogMensGo 12 July 2012) Released in theaters June 22, 2012 and expected in Italian cinemas on September 5, "Rebel - The Brave" is the new Disney animated film. Merida is the protagonist, the hero with red hair, devoted to her bow and not at all interested in marrying.

The story of the princess who does not dream about Prince Charming has already caused so much of a stir that there are those who bet on homosexuality in Merida.


The lesbian hero...
Merida lesbian? Foto@Disney.it

The journalist Adam Markovitz in an article in the pages of the famous Entertainment Weekly has written: “She rebels against the traditional roles that we expect to see with a girl, the daughter chaste, obedient girlfriend. His penchant for not exactly princess pastimes such as archery and Rambling on the rocks, will provide valuable clues to the young gays who feel close to this behavior and feel different from friends. "But then brakes a mere hint: "Merida is the unofficial gay icon, and do not believe that she will ever take part in a Gay Pride parade, but if she does, it will certainly be welcome."

There were comments from readers who have pointed out that the inclinations of the princess are difficult to be labeled simply because she does not want to take her husband but she prefers archery.

Expect then that Merida faces coming out officially, so she'll tell us whether or not she is a lesbian!

This article has been translated from our Italian blog, to view the original, click here.

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One thought on “Entertainment Weekly: The new Disney heroine a lesbian?

  1. Wow, I think that this is a bit of a stretch…

    I have seen the film several times, and tried to approach it with an open mind, but the girl was simply quite stubborn and rebelious. NOT a lesbian.

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