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A disappointing London Gay Pride 2012

(Blogmensgo, July 13, 2012) Some 25,000 people marched on July 7, 2012 for the London Gay Pride. Drastic budget restrictions forced the organizers to impose a parade without tanks or boats, to shorten the route, to remove street entertainment (especially in Soho) and remove several major official events.

The organizing committee of London Pride state that these 25,000 people represent "the largest crowd ever recorded." In previous editions, Pride London drew up a million participants, spectators included.

Participants expressed mainly in favor of gay marriage and equal rights of the LGBT community in this area, the government wants to legalize this before 2015.

Fortunately, the organizers have not forgotten the beer ... © Flickr/laurentfrancois64.

Meanwhile, organizers have been criticized for their handling of the event and for their failure to submit an event worthy of its prestige. Patrick Williams, President of Pride London, chose to resign in early July, replaced temporarily by Tony Hughes.

The 2012 Pride London event has retained its double stamp of EuroPride 2012 and 2012 WorldPride. The British government itself, for the first time ever, decked out for two days on the Cabinet Office (government headquarters) a rainbow flag. Sponsors as important as the supermarket chain Tesco have maintained their partnership, whilst others preferred to withdraw.

The organizers apologized to the community for "last minute changes in the agenda of July 7". They hope "to see everyone again next year for Pride 2013."

Comment. Just after the gigantism of the Jubilee, just before the gigantism of the Olympic Games, the Pride has become​gigantic dwarf. As if the British had longer eyes for the gods of the stadium.

I have always personally found London pride such an anti climax, I feel the efforts of the organisation has been quite slap dash with a parade, some half hearted attempt at something a little entertaining and then drinking in soho.  I think it will be noted that this year, there will be no budget cuts with Manchester Pride and it will be even bigger and better than last years.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo

(via Le Figaro and Liberation of 6 July, and The Point of July 8, 2012)


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