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Gay Americans do not go to Sicily!

We hope that these are not American tourists ©gaywave.it

(BlogMensGo.it, June 23, 2012) The American-led Frommer's invites gay tourists to avoid Sicily, for his homophobia and its medieval attitudes.

One of the most popular American tourist guides, Frommer's, with 8 million copies sold each year in the section devoted to Sicily, defines it as "one of the bastions of homophobia in Europe. Some of the islanders manifest antigay attitudes that would be more appropriate to the Middle Ages. "And again: "If you really want to go, the better scelata Taormina, but if you want a gay holiday in Southern Italy, Sicily is not for you. Better than the island of Capri. "

Even better, Northern Italy, where homosexuality is more tolerated and there are many sites Arcigay.

Now, who will explain to Americans that the Arcigay, not only has numerous locations in Sicily, but actually was born in 1980 in Palermo? And who will explain that for years Catania is considered one of the meccas of gay tourism in Italy? Or that since 2010 is held on the island Sicily Queer Filmfest, one of the most important film festivals dedicated to LGBT issues? And, again, who warns them that this year will be held in Sicily, not one, but two Pride, June 22 at Catania and Palermo on June 23?

Giorgio & Matt / MensGo

4 thoughts on “Gay Americans do not go to Sicily!

  1. Pare che la guida online sia la trascrizione di vecchie guide.
    Anche se la nova autrice si è scusata a nome di Frommer’s, sicuramente a me ciò non è bastato.
    E’ arrivata un’anti-propaganda proprio a ridosso del Palermo Pride che non mi ha fatto per nulla piacere, nè da gay, nè da siciliano.
    Vivo a Palermo in tutta la libertà la mia omosessualità. Chi glielo dice a Frommer’s? 🙂

  2. Total BS. My Italian isn’t so great anymore(lack of practice), but I’m inclined to believe the post above. I studied Italian for six weeks in Taormina, 2010, and had a blast. Look at You Tube videos for Catania and Palermo pride parades. I was all over the island, even in “brutte”Gela, i had a warm welcome from an openly gay waiter. The former mayor of Gela, a big mafia town, was openly gay…Btw, I believe the current Governor is gay. Granted it’s not WeHo, the Castro, or the West Village, but I didn’t want it to be. These type of reviews are outdated and based on stereotypes. Maybe I shouldn’t have have posted this, I don’t want Bella Sicilia to be spoiled by being “discovered!” Go, & have a great time. I’m planning to return in 2014 with my husband.

  3. I have not been so I can not comment, we border with Italy, I have been many many times and all over the country, you are right, its not WeHo or SF, its very backwards in Italy with gay issues. The scene is there, people are nice, but speaking with friends who are Italian etc, they do suffer homophobia and there are lots of issues with their families.

  4. My boyfriend is from Pozzallo, Sicily – a quiet, non-touristy town on the southern tip near Ragusa – and I have never encountered any homophobia on our many visits. We have many openly gay and lesbian friends who are all treated with great respect in the community. Okay, you won’t find many rainbow flags and gay clubs – it’s not Sitges or San Francisco, but if you are after a beautiful and relaxing holiday please don’t be put off visiting this friendly island that I am proud to call my second home.

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