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Antonio Cassano and small mindedness in Football

(Blogmensgo, June 21, 2012) Two gay players will be part of the Italian football team at Euro 2012. "That's their problem”. “I hope there's no one in the national team" Was the response of Antonio Cassano, when asked about the rumor in a press conference. The striker has apologized, almost immediately through a press release, but the damage is already done.

Antonio Cassano. # 10, as Platini. But copying is not worth the model. © 2012 Getty Images / Shaun Botterill.

Cassano is a firm believer that the proportion of homosexuals playing football may not be as high as the proportion of homosexuals in the general population. In the same logic, all that the prevalence of intelligent footballers is much lower than the proportion of smart people in the general population.

We will measure the intelligence of Cassano by changing a single word. Replace the word "gay" with "Jews". Result: "I hope there's no one in the national team" Imagine there to be a player officially saying that he prefers not to see Jews, Blacks, Muslims or Roman in his national team?

Cassano has not been punished and he will not be. This impunity, has no affect on his talent as a player, but the apparent complacency of the leaders of Italian football is evident, along with the guilty silence of the official European and world bodies.

Antonio Cassano (blue), the man who confused womanizing and patent intelligence. © 2012 Getty Images / Claudio Villa.

When you know that Michel Platini had the major partner and a friend Olivier Rouyer, that later became the first president of UEFA and the second was a coming out late in life, it is allowed to be a dream that the Euro 2012 could also be a springboard to the fight against homophobia. And one begins to dream that the militants of homophobia will be punished one day there or where it hurts the most: in the portfolio or the match.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original click here.

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