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Two nights for the Gay Pride in Zurich, with MensGo!

(Blogmensgo, June 14, 2012) The city of Zurich will soon live successively or simultaneously a Week of Pride in Zurich from 8 to 17 June, the Pride Festival in Zurich from 15 to 17 June and the Gay Pride in Zurich itself, June 16, 2012. And since there is no Gay Pride day without evening festivities, Zurich is entitled to not one but two special nights on the night of June 16 to 17 where MensGo is a partner of both parties.

Let's start with a name, that of WonderWorld, you've noticed among the marching bands currently on this blog at the top of the right column. The speech was brief but explicit: it is the official evening of the Pride Festival in Zurich, the city center (Limmatstrasse 118). To learn more, watch the trailer below or continue reading my flamboyant prose.


WonderWorld night will be held from 2200hrs to dawn, inside the Club X-Tra. On June 5, this well known place was host to concert-goers welcoming the idol Patti Smith. No connection with the Pride, either - but it's always a pleasure for to evoke the divine Patti.

And after? Because, of course, there will be an after, of course. The masses who still hold on to their legs can relax at the bar in the Bagatelle Club 93, located at the same number of Langstrasse.

And the price? Well, logically, cheaper on presale sold on site. In advance, 35 Swiss francs or 50 francs including the after (or 29 euros or 42 euros). And there, for 40 francs and 20 francs the evening for the after (33 euros and 17 euros).

June 16, the masks will fall. The pants also ... © Gay-Party.com.

You're not ready for a trifle after the night of beautiful world? Never mind, MensGo has an alternative.

The alternative solution is festive in its own right: the official pre-party for the unforgettable evening. Simply entitled The Pride Party - Circuit, the event will descend on the club Escherwyss.

Again, this evening will be a real entire night, from 2200hrs until dawn, according to the program (see June 16). It announces a very warm atmosphere Hispanic because of GoGo’s from Barcelona and Ibiza drag divas will play opposite a plethora of DJs whose names are all over me unknown to each other. (In electronic music, I have not exceeded the box of Mike Oldfield is saying something. That must be what psychoanalysts call the anal stage.)

In short, the Pride Party will cost you 25 francs in advance in the usual places or 35 francs on sale, or 21 euros or 29 euros. Not including extras, small treats and ... Uh, no, fans will be provided free MensGo goodies.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo


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