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Homophobia is costly to the global economy

Chateau conferences
OECD headquarters in La Muette. Where there is much talk. © OECD / DR.

(Blogmensgo, June 6th, 2012) May 30th, 2012 saw the Paris headquarters of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OCDE) holding a symposium on the cost of homophobia. This conference of May 30, 2012 was jointly organized by the Idaho Committee and its president Louis-Georges Tin, in partnership with two associations of OCDE staff.

The objective of this symposium was to quantify the cost of homophobia, in order to explain to political and business leaders how important it is to fight against this scourge. The human cost of homophobia is not quantifiable, it is his economic and financial cost who stars while I sweat profusely - or more precisely, small drops - in writing this text.


Yet it is almost impossible to accurately quantify the cost of homophobia. It’s known, however, some of the adverse effects, so some potential damage.

Homophobia has the direct consequence, by stigmatizing gays, preventing or impairing efforts to prevent and fight against HIV / AIDS, thus strengthening the pandemic among people, thus diminishing ipso facto productivity and increasing the burden on health budgets. At work, the stigmatization of gays and lesbians strap their potential and creativity, so decreasing the value and productivity of workers of the company.

Do you trust my green global skills for a job?
And in your box, there is also a break-hugs? © OECD / Michael Dean.

Louis-Georges Tin wanted to make an impression by inviting two very special speakers: a leader and a member of Randstad  and Nepalese gay, Sunil B. Pant. That is to say, the representatives of one part of a temporary employment company, advanced observatory of the labor market, and secondly a country once quite homophobic, Nepal, which relies on today a strong tourism development by making the eyes at the LGBT community.

There are no official statistics on sexual orientation and its consequences in France. Thierry Laurent and Ferhat Mihoubi, professors of economics at the University of Evry, however, we published in May 2011 a study of wage discrimination against gays and lesbians (searchable PDF).

Compared to straight, gay French earn 5.5% less in the public sector and 6.2% in the private sector. However, lesbians would benefit as much as straight people in the public sector and 2% in the private sector because they would be considered more productive.

Comment. Gay men earn less than lesbians, who earn less than heterosexuals? No doubt, almost everyone loses.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

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